My EXTREMELY Late Convention Report & Merchandise Arrival

This post is coming almost a month late, but at least it’s here. Last month or so I went to an anime convention. I go to this convention every year they have had it so far, and this has been the fifth annual so it’s the fifth time I’ve gone. It’s not much of a pain or expense to go to it, as its held at the student union of the university I go to, so it’s pretty much right there. Anyways, this is a quick report on what went on there and some pictures of the many many things I bought that I shouldn’t have, because now I am broke.

Overall it was pretty fun, like other years a majority of the anime “fans” know nothing of the shows that currently airing in Japan and just care about the crappy stuff airing in the US, but still fun. I ran/co-ran four panels. One, was one I did by myself, an Anime blogging panel where I just talked about my site, how I ran it, how running a site can make anyone more involved in anime, and so on and a couple people actually showed up, which was good considering it was opposite some other popular panels. I also did a dating sim panel which talked about dating sim/visual novel games and anime adaptations of them, an anime review panel which I used my expertise of the shows currently airing and just talked about the good ones with some others, and finally a squaresoft panel as a lot of the anime fans there are also squaresoft fans and I know quite a lot about the games.

One of the biggest parts of the convention for me though was the AMV contest they hold. For the first time I submitted the first AMV I made, a sola AMV. My AMV actually won in one of their categories. It won the “Grave of the Fireflys/Slit You Wrist Award” for the saddest and tear jerking AMV. Which is kind of odd because I didn’t intend for it to be sad at all, but hey, a win is a win. I’ll post the AMV in another post soon, but winning that was one of the high points.

As for the merchandise, with the pictures of the items below, I got far too much. I bought four figures: Aries Djirbril, a character from an H-game and animation, one that I haven’t seen but the figure was cute enough I had to get and learned of her origins later. Siesta from Alter which will lead me to have to get the new Alter Louise coming out in February. Iriya Kana from Iriya no Sora, UFO no Natsu which is one of my favorite short series and a figure I’ve be been looking for FOREVER that is discontinued, so I got it. Finally, Nendoroid Haruhi which has thus led me to be addicted to Nendoroids. I already have seven of them, but later on that in another post. I got a wall scroll of the Haruhi live action concert poster, two t-shirts one of Tsuruya and another of Hatsune Miku. Then I got three art books, a Zero no Tsukaima one, Cardcaptors (because, let’s face it, I’m a lolicon), and a Lucky Star artbook of original sketches used for the animation. For the figures, I just took a quick shot. I’ll do a full big photoshoot eventually when I get the time, as I have for several other of my figures whcih can be found on my figure page along the bottom of the title banner. So here they are after the jump:

Wall Scroll:




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