Episode of the Week – 12.12 – ef – a tale of melodies – 09


Even if the other shows this week had great episodes, which a lot of them didn’t really, there would still be no contest for ef winning this week. The episode meant so much for the rest of the series and was engrossing itself. Powerful scenes filled with emotion like Amamiya’s death and Himura confronting him were enough. That tied with Kuze’s story further emphasizing in an almost eerie way about how his life has turned around in a bad way was simply captivating.

Of course, one of the biggest parts of this episode was what it meant for the future of this series. The bit at the end that connected Mizuki to Yuuko is one of the most important things that has happened. Although it may not have been the biggest, it’s not as jarring as Yuuko’s dark revelation and so on but it’s a major step in explaining what happened between these two time periods. She is obviously involved in that and no matter how much we see of this past, we still don’t have a clear idea of how it will effect the future and even if learning that, if they are going to do anything in the present to make things better.


Have to say it doesn’t get much better than this one for the week. After all Amamiya actually died and in a way I didn’t quite expect. Wasn’t sure how they were going to resolve it but having him kill himself in a fire was pretty good. Just showed how crazy the guy was to go and do that after seeing his sister’s expression one more time. You include things like the emotional thoughts flying from Yuuko and Himura during the beginning to Kuze’s dramatic breakdown at the end and you have one incredible episode. Just to top it off they decide to toss in the connection between Mizuki and Yuuko. Who would have guessed Himura would have been right in that he knew the person? Overall this was a great episode I thought.Once again the series really hits you with the visual symbolism.

At this point I’m not quite sure what is going to happen with the Yuuko side of it. Honestly thought the guy would kill Yuuko or something and now she’s alright. But I’m sure there will be something that goes down. But Kuze as well is in a rough spot. There does seem to be a chance Mizuki will stay in his heart until it gives out. Hopefully those keys can work their magic one more time. When you include dramatic moments like we got in this episode not hart to pick this one for episode of the week

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