ef – a tale of melodies – 09

Himura goes to confront Amamiya in order to find where Yuuko has gone.



Now, the end of this episode was another huge thing. My first major thought was “How in God’s name does Mizuki know Yuuko!?!” I could see no reason why, but then I remembered the promo trailer for the second ef game, and the ED of this series. The trailer showed what seemed to be shots of Mizuki as a child with what seemed to be Yuuko. The ED shows a picture at the end of a little girl which is obvious to at least me to be Mizuki. She’s wearing a winter hat. Then she is shown with a man and a woman, the woman from hair length and cloths seems obvious to be Yuuko. Now even without the trailer, as its not technically part of the series, the picture seems to almost indicate that Yuuko raised Mizuki. This would suggest she raised her with some guy, which is not Himura as if it were Himura, he would know of Mizuki’s knowledge of Yuuko. This indicates that Yuuko stays apart from Himura long enough to effectively live a real life of raising someone and being with a guy. However Mizuki’s leaving of flowers indicates her death, an anniversary of her death perhaps.

In summation this indicates that Yuuko and Himura parted ways, Yuuko lived a real full life raising a child, hers or adopted, and then died. This leaves Himura with no chance to actually see her but I’m POSITIVE if that is the case, then the series will do some thing about Himura talking to Yuuko, perhaps to her spirit or to himself effectively, forging himself or her or just coming to terms with what all had happened.

As for this episodes content, and not what it meant for the rest of the show, it was pretty good. Amamiya’s death was pretty damn big. I’m not too sure what to think about Amamiya. I don’t want to say I feel sorry for him, as I hate his character for what he did to Yuuko and he is a horrible person, but I still recognize how sad of a situation drove him to that. That’s not to say his actions are excused, as they are a most definitely not excused, but the reason is still there and the situation leading to that was indeed a sad situation.

As for Kuze’s story, I still think its more interesting then people realize. It’s interesting to see what he’s going through knowing his death is imminent. If you were to ask someone what they would do if they knew they were going to die and had a short amount of time, everyone says stuff like they’d go sightseeing or stuff like that, but really what would be going though your mid if everything you worked for, a good job, good relationships, wealth, pride in things you’ve done all of a sudden doesn’t matter. It’s a logical conclusion to break yourself off form others so you don’t hurt them when you go, so his actions are totally understandable. His story just isn’t as in your face as perhaps Yuuko’s.

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