ef – a tale of melodies – 08

Himura decides to take Yuuko and run away together, living on their own away from Amamiya.


I thought it was interesting the way Himura’s story went. I was surprised with how good of an idea running away was. Although not perfect, it was something. However part of me just knew it couldn’t be this easy. As much as I hate Amamiya, he really has a point about Himura always running away. Although he isn’t such a horrible person as Amamiya, and although he may have good intentions he is running away from school, he ran from his sister, he ran from everything and the more important aspect of his life is that he has to stop that. Kuze did hint at Himura’s story in the present. He seemed pretty sure and pretty adamant about Himura never seeing Yuuko again. However Nagi’s comment about Himura concluding things almost seems to suggest she is alive just that Himura will never go see her. I really want to know what happens as even though they have had huge events happen and so much as progressed and developed, still anything could happen as we still don’t know how things got to the way they are.

I have to say that I still find Kuze’s story interesting. Although it’s not as apparent as Yuuko’s story, it isn’t as immediate of a threat or in your face with issues like rape, it’s still very interesting. His story is so much more subtle then Yuuko’s. Things like Kuze always doing things he know he can win at, never playing a game he didn’t think he could win yet facing his death. Facing his death isn’t something he can win at and I think a topic like facing your mortality and what your life has amounted to is pretty big, even though it may not draw the attention that Yuuko’s story does.

On another less important note, I love how they’ve changed the OP slightly again. Of course nothing big, but flipping the image upside down is just so brilliant I think, as was inverting the colors they did before. It captures the idea that things are in a bad way right now. I wont’ say too much more, as it’s not that big of a deal, but I just think it’s cool.

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