Clannad ~After Story~ – 10

Tomoya starts to try and live on his own and become a member of society.


I really liked this episode. Although it wasn’t really very funny in parts, and it didn’t have a lot of big events happen, that’s to be expected for an episode following such a big one. What really impressed me though was how they were really showing Tomoya’s life changing. He’s living on his own, getting a job, becoming part of society. They don’t’ often show in this manner a character moving from such a familiar and safe setting such as school life, to adult life and I really hope they press on that because it really is a big issue.

I’m curious as to how things are going to progress now. Right now it seems like the show is setting up the situation. After such a big change of scenery, with Tomoya is no longer being in school, Nagisa being apart from him as she’s still in school, and just Tomoya building a life is just set up. I’m not sure what will happen to spur things into action. The series obviously can’t just progress with Tomoya getting better t his job, living with Nagisa, and have a perfect happy ending, yet I don’t’ see anything changing without some big event. Nagisa isn’t going to just leave because Tomoya is busy, as it’s pretty set they will be together. In other words, this is all just set up and I really want to know what is going to happen to take the show out of that.

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