Toradora! – Midway Impressions – Which Girl Is Best?

Well this series has reached a semi-half way point, and after just finishing the beach villa episode arc I figured now would be a great time to bring up this topic. First I’d like to say that mid-way impression of this show. I find it to be very fun. It uses a personality for Taiga which isn’t exactly unique to the series, yet by combing it with the love pentagon they’ve got going, it’s quite interesting. Its not a matter of two people liking the same person, there are many levels to this, starting out liking one, and moving to another and I will explore that here.


There are obviously three girls for Ryuji to end up with, now which one is the best girl for him? Which is the best girl despite not fitting with him? And who will become a yuri couple… In-depth look at the girls after the jump:

Taiga: Of course Taiga, the main character. At first she really showed no interest in Ryuji. She was only interested in Kitamura. Even being close to Ryuji was for the sake of getting a better relationship with Kitamura. However there have been many things to show her changing feelings. At the end of the last episode she seemed to kind of have a look of wanting to be with him when it wasn’t needed. And there was a time where they sat so close together even when they weren’t in the cramped apartment. Plus one of the biggest events Taiga explaining Ryuji is hers and caring deeply for him when he almost drowned. Although after the event she went all tsundere and said it wasn’t for serious reason, that’s obviously a lie.

Minori: Minori is a very fun character. While I find her personality and character very fun, at the start she didn’t really seem to fit Ryuji. I couldn’t really picture her with him. However I was stunned by how serious things became between them at the beach house. The serious talk Minori had about not being able to see or believe in love and Ryuji kind of saying he wanted to show it to her really struck as important. Confiding in each other like that really seemed to make the connection more real between them.

Ami: Definitely, form what I’ve seen, a fan favorite. Ami has actually really surprised me. When she was first introduced I disliked her, the whole lying about who she was kind of irked me. However these two episodes of the beach villa arc kind of made me change my mind. Her talk about how Ryuji wasn’t fit for Minori kind of had a point. I did seem to realize that the two of them, Ryuji and Ami, are somewhat fit together. She seems to confide her complex personal emotions in him, and while although teasing a lot, is honest in many ways.

So the question still remains, who is best fitted for Ryuji, who is the best, are they the same? Taiga has the huge advantage of effectively being the main character. While she started out not interested in him, showing those feelings changing could be powerful for the series. Minori of course has the advantage of being who Ryuji as admitted to himself as liking, and admitting to oneself who they like, for the guy, isn’t common in most anime. However Ami seems to be apart from that and connects with Ryuji directly. Really, they all have good reasons about why they might end up with him or who is best.

I won’t make any judgments here, but leave it up to you to decide. I’ve changed the poll (finally) to include this subject, so post your comments and leave your vote.

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  1. I would def go with Ami, I like a spicy personality and she seems that she can get stuff done. She or Minori seem like they would be fun to hang out with. Actually I would probably like to have Ami as a short term girlfriend and Minori as my wife or something like that.

  2. None. I think Minori’s too playful outwardly, and her serious modes with Ryuuji who probably likes her cheerfulness could make him begin to like her more as a friend.

    Taiga’s relationship, if one ever does get off the ground, would be too domineering for my liking, but I still think they have a good dynamic.

    Ami’s a little double-faced, and while she’s racked up points by being honest, her ways of appealing to Ryuuji make him end up looking at them as a joke.

  3. Toradora is one of the series in which I’m not sure who is my favorite girl. I thought that Taiga is best and I probably still think that way. Voice-acting of Kugimiya Rie is awesome and perfectly fits and even improves Taiga’s personality. But in the last episodes, I’ve begun to like Ami too. Her character is nicely rotten.

  4. Definitely an interesting trio in the Ryuuji sweepstakes. Honestly even though its gotten better still not hugely on Taiga though she does have a great chance to win. Really it ends up more like Ryuugi fulfilling the role of caretaker for the girl instead of anything really romantic. Besides she does end up turning to violence just too often for my liking. Would just find it interesting if it broke the cliche and really just had them as friends who support each other. She’s gotten some better moments I think as the series has gone on. So wouldn’t be surprised if she does fall for Ryuugi.

    Still like Minorin as having a chance. Before when she was all comical I didn’t think there was much of a shot. But getting to see her more seriously when they got trapped and at the villa gives some depth I didn’t think would be there. Obviously Minorin has some serious concerns in terms of hiding the things that worry her and trying to push through by being energetic. Could be a nice finish to help her experience romantic feelings and get a nice pairing.

    But Ami has some good points too. While she does play around I don’t think its all just being silly. Its probably just tough for someone like her to show when she really cares. All the characters in this series really have problems with their personalities. The danger for Ami is that Ryuugi won’t recognize her feelings as being serious because of how she acts.

    All three have the potential for Ryuugi to be a supportive toward. Taiga definitely needs support in terms of not being able to really care for herself. Before Ryuugi showed up she was in bad shape. Also he can accept who she is even if there are big flaws. Minorin can get someone who does have faith in love and can give that to her. Besides he cooks great and she could appreciate that anyways. Like with Taiga think Ryuugi could accept Ami.

    In the end I’m leaning more with Minorin or Ami over Taiga. Not sure what I’ll say with the poll. Oh well put some thought to it.

  5. One should note this week that Ryuuji gets to put his foot down, again, for those people who say that Taiga would be always domineering in that relationship. He’s gentle enough to not quibble over small things… but give him something big, and he’ll pin Taiga to a door and can make her back down when he thinks she’s being an idiot.

  6. I think Taiga will be the one he ends up with, just cause how shows like this tend to go.

    However, I also think Taiga would be a good fit for him anyways. She can be domineering, but most of that domineering comes because Ryuuji allows it. Like someone else said, when he really wants to stand up for something, he does, and she backs off. He just doesn’t fight the small stuff.

    I think they both trust each other implicitly, which is important. They are open and honest and don’t put up any fronts. Also, Taiga likes to be taken care of and Ryuuji really likes taking care of other people. With Taiga, he would always have something to do, someone to care for, they fit each others needs.

    Minorin is attractive to Ryuuji mainly cause she is everything he isn’t, which ultimately makes for a less than ideal match. Sure, it could work, but not ideally. She’s a bit too off the wall. Something to enjoy from afar, or briefly, but not intimately and constantly.

    Ami is actually not a bad fit. She needs someone to genuinely care for her and wants it, probably why she likes Ryuuji. She sees how he cares for Taiga and wants someone to want to do that for her. She is more honest with him than anymore else, but she still puts up a lot of barriers and acts, which for someone as oblivious as Ryuuji could be problematic.

    Personally, I like Ami, she’s complicated yet endearing and pretty interesting because of it. She’s be my choice just to see what happens, though I think Taiga would be “best.”

  7. I prefer Ami, WAY more than the others as I feel she is a far more well rounded and believable character, with far more depth than the others… But he will probably (99% sure) end up with Taiga…loaded on his macintosh

    oh oh oh oh!
    See what I did there?

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