Telepathy Shoujo Ran – 22

Ran and the others look for a mysterious snow woman when they are skiing.


This episode was alright, but again as most other episodes of this series it seems to fall into the same pattern of some random mostly unimportant mystery that they solve. Although this particular mystery wasn’t really any worse then any of the others, I am getting increasingly disappointed that they don’t have anything more serious and less episodic going on, as they have the potential for it. I’ve effectively given up hope of there being anything too grand, but it doesn’t mean the series isn’t bad for just doing the episodic ones, I just wish it did more and think it would be better for it.

I was surprised with how emotional I found this episode to be. Although it wasn’t as emotional as several other shows, for this series this episode was more emotional then others. Maybe there is just something about abandoning foxes that I find sad, as I got emotional over Makoto in Kanon and I did find it kind of funny how this is almost the exact same story, but still, this episode impressed me.

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