Rosario + Vampire ~Chu~ – 09

Tsukune’s class takes a trip to a ski resort.


I thought this episode was pretty good. I’m actually a bit surprised that Mizore is getting so much attention. She’s already gotten her own episode with the curry episode. While this episode wasn’t solely hers, in fact it seemed to focus more on Kokoa, but more on that below, it still focused on her more then some others, introducing her father and so on.

The most important part of this episode though is definitely Tsukune’s interaction with Kokoa. This episode has really been the first to start taking her seriously. When she was introduced she was semi-important, but everything else up till now has just had her as a random comedic point. Here she really started to talk about her feelings for her sister, her sister’s identity, and Tsukune taking her away effectively. Hopefully this is the start of taking her more seriously. It’s not that I really like her character it’s just that so far she is the only thing that has potential for an interesting overall climax.

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  1. Well Mizore is a pretty popular character so its not a great surprise that she’s gotten this much attention in the anime. Feel a bit for Kurumu who really hasn’t gotten the same amount of focus in comparison. They’ve seemed pretty content to just use her as a comedic point in the series instead of really getting into her character a bit more seriously.

    But definitely this was good development with Kokoa. I mean her concern is completely understandable. To Kokoa the real sister is the Inner Moka and the Outer one is just a fake that’s taking her place. Not to mention the anger at not being able to remove the rosario like Tsukune can.

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