Rosario + Vampire ~Chu~ – 08

Many many things happen.


This episode was very confusing. It seemed like they could have done the whole episode without jumping from part to part. The whole overall idea was Ruby enforcing these rules and there was really no need to give the characters involved, like Gin and Neko-sensei their own parts. However I found it was interesting they did. Its not lie it was a bad thing, it was just very unexpected. As far as the episode itself, while the confusing bit give it some charm it didn’t feel like it was that great of an episode. Even though it somewhat focused on Ruby and kind of her affection for Tsukune and being jealous of the other girls, it still wasn’t quite as good as some other episodes.

The little segment at the end kind of surprised me. It was quite serious in its focus that something horrible and catastrophic would happen if something were to occur at the school. It almost seemed like this was setting up for the season climax where the barrier is going to be broken but everyone stops it or something like that. However that doesn’t take Kokoa into the equation at all and she still hasn’t gotten a lot of serious focus. Plus, from all I could tell Ruby and that other guy were trying to prevent the barrier from falling, so perhaps the only purpose that scene served was to show how Ruby got her magic back and effectively whys he is at the school. Either way it was unexpected.

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  1. Kind of feels like they just decided to make an episode full of short stories. Guess some attention on Ruby overall isn’t a bad thing. Kind of sad how she has been moved from a serious character with a sad past to just another gag in the series. To be honest though I was all for the skirt thing. I mean honestly with how short they were there isn’t a point to wearing clothes at all. They hide absolutely nothing and don’t serve any real purpose.

    Anyways the part at the end did surprise me. If only because its a seriousness that has been completely absent for the entire second season to this point. Almost wonder if they are planning a third season since there is no way they could adequately cover the major manga arc that scene represents. You’d really need 6-7 episodes at least if not a whole season to cover that arc. Worst case is they do something that kind of incorporates it but does it fairly badly. Kokoa wasn’t there at that point but its not like it would be tough to slip her in with a bit of rewriting if they decided to do it.

    Anyways have to give Ruby credit for being the character who wears the most variety of outfits in the whole season. Its a rare occasion when she is wearing her usual outfit.

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