Telepathy Shoujo Ran – 21

Midori starts to spend more and more time with an old woman that she happened to meet and learns there is more to her then she thought.


I found this episode very interesting. I’m glad they focused on some more serious stuff this episode, such as the people with powers being viewed as monsters or the rather big one of Midori’s past with her grandmother being similar to the situation with her parents. In fact it was much more serious with her grandmother since she’s dead and she can’t resolve the problems they had like she seemed to do with her parents.

I found one of the most interesting parts of this episode was finding out that the old woman’s granddaughter was obviously the teacher from the first couple of episodes. I was really hoping they would somehow include her in the series again. She seemed so damn important in the very beginning, she seemed to be the main antagonist and had powers that were the same as the girls’ plus she had a troubled past, that we see here, like Midori, so she could connect with her. They brought her back seemingly randomly and unimportantly in one random episode, and since then nothing. I’m just hoping for her and Rui to have a bigger part near the end of this series.

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