Telepathy Shoujo Ran – 20

When Rin gets a love letter before a match and then looses it, Ran and Midori help him find out what happened to it.


I wasn’t too impressed with this episode. Although it somewhat followed the last episode’s example of nothing having some bad guy and a real mystery to solve and so on, it wasn’t anywhere near as interesting. It was a lot less focused and serious then the previous episode. It was effectively fluff, an a lot more fluff then the normal two episode arc of some random mystery. Not only is Rin not a very interesting or important character, his problem seemed rather…stupid. I’m a huge romance fan in anime, I want it everywhere and to be focused on more seriously, but even I have no hope of anything serious ever happening between Rin and Midori, nor do I really wan tit. Therefore any more of showing Midori infatuated with him is just reusing a stale joke now that she’s obsessed with him.

I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again because it’s all the more important: This series needs more heavy focus on Rui. They need to do several episodes or at least just one episode on Rui. Hell, even forgetting his supposed powers for a second Rui is such an important character. He seems to be the only one there with a working mind, he’s the main character’s childhood friend and supposed love interesting, yet he is just taken for granted. Then factoring in the fact that this series opened with Rui having some strange powers, even more rare and powerful then Ran, Midori, and the teacher’s, then BOOM they never even hinted at the thought that that scene ever occurred. He has never shown any special abilities since then, even if just magnifying or stopping other’s powers. Really, this series has grown stale but it will be helped by this, and this alone.

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