Rosario + Vampire ~Chu~ – 07

The girls all stop by Tsukune’s mom’s house while still on the field trip.


I thought this episode was great. I was somewhat upset with this show for seemingly only doing the previous episode in the human world, when it could have had the potential for so much more. Here, they continued to use the human world and I’m really glad they did, because it turned out to be very interesting. It still didn’t mean anything too drastic, no big serious discussions about monster and human prejudice, but they still focused on the human world. Not only that but for the first time in a long time this series seemed to seriously focus on some of the romance aspects. Vampire Moka telling Tsukune directly he’ll eventually have to choose, Kurumu and Mizore fighting to the death over him, and then Moka learning about how much Tsukune talks about her. Hell, it’s the most romance development his show has had in the entire series, both seasons. It really was great.

One thing that they mentioned that I found REALLY interesting, but they didn’t really make a big deal about it was that Kyo, Tsukune’s cousin, said something about going undercover at the school to find out what’s going on. That definitely sounds like something that would fit this show perfectly and I would actually be surprised if at least the manga didn’t cover an event like that. I can understand if the anime doesn’t, as it can’t always cover all of the manga, but hopefully since they mentioned it in the anime, they will show it there as well. I think it could be pretty interesting. Ultimately though, I don’t see it making anything too drastically different. It will be good for one or two episodes of an interesting story, but still the story needs more serious focus on the romance to become better, which as I said did happen a bit in this episode.

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  1. Glad they ended up covering this part instead of more anime original stuff. While that’s alright if its good this was a pretty fun chapter overall. Just completely hilarious for the group to show up at Tsukune’s home like that. Moka being the only one with the sense to use the front door. I’d like to tell Tsukune’s mother it isn’t what it looks like. But honestly it really is what it looks like. Her son has a harem. Rarely get a good family position on these situations. I think freaking out like the mother did is a just fine way to go.

    That god inner Moka said it. Continuing like this really is a disaster waiting to happen. I mean its been clear since the start who he was ending up with. There hasn’t been a major challenge to that really the entire time. He may not want to hurt the girls but that’s exactly what he’s doing keeping this going on for so long. Their emotional attachments to him are only getting stronger. Characters like Kurumu have the future of their race on the line. They can’t be wasting time on chasing a guy they won’t get. But of course this is a harem series so ending the harem isn’t likely to happen for a long time.

    Will admit there is a Kyo related event in the manga. Feels like they may end up using it as the conclusion to the anime. Though be kind of disappointed since it wasn’t that serious. Closer we get to the end of the series the more likely that’s what they will do. Given Kyo way too much attention to just not have something about her happen before the end.

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