Tales of the Abyss – 10

Luke returns to the Outer Lands starts repairing damaged relationships.


This was pretty much a regrouping kind of episode. The characters have dealt with some separate things and now are back together. It’s a feeling of the adventure starting from this point. I’m glad for Luke starting his development now. He’s hit the lowest point a person can get to and now has to start moving back up to a more confident person. Though for now he’s of course going to be uncertain and pretty self blaming. Not that it’s a surprise since he saw what the result came from his old way of thinking. Being partly responsible for the deaths of thousands and learning that you’re a replica can be a pretty humbling experience. Tear and Guy will probably be hard on Luke whenever he gets too down on himself. But you have to pick a side and stick with it. If you want the guy to feel his responsibility you have to expect he’s going to be depressed and hard on himself. He’s also dealing with a loss of identity like Asch did in the flashback. Not being the original Luke and the question of whether that makes him less valid as a person.

I’m not at all surprised by Jade and Anise’s behaviour in this one. Anise especially has been hard on Luke ever since he put Ion down and said the guy wasn’t important. For her reasons also Anise is after status and wealth. Right now she doesn’t look great, but the way she cares about Ion shows she has a good heart. A question comes up that if Luke is a replica he may be losing his position within the family. Not that I think that’s the entire reason why she is being cold to him. But do think that and the way he tried to take no responsibility at all for Akzeriuth has made her not like the guy much at all. Jade also can’t just ignore what has happened. May feel it won’t benefit Luke to be soft on him and just hand out forgiveness. Luke may really feel like a ghost from his past considering how things went horrifyingly wrong in Azkeriuth. Like with Anise I think the behaviour leading up to the disaster and his attitude right after has rubbed Jade the wrong way. Neither of them has seen what Luke has been trying to do yet. Until they really see how he is trying to change I don’t expect them to be friendly with him. Well Jade was never really that friendly but you get my point.

But behind the character development the situation continues to get serious. Van is going to continue his destruction of the Outer Lands and that isn’t good for anyone. The shocking thing is that the disaster of Azkeriuth was part of the Score. A part that is so secret only the very high ups would have any knowledge of it. This event shows how deeply ingrained the score is for these people. People knew that something terrible could happen in Azkeriuth and yet no one tried to stop it. They are obsessed with the prosperity promised at the end they will allow and instigate horrible events. Mohs for example fully believes he has to start the war because the score said it had to happen. He’s not even thinking about the people that will die as the result of a horrifying battle like that. Or maybe the man simply doesn’t care and thinks that any deaths that will result are promised in the score and it has to be done. Can feel a bit for Tear who has had her faith in the man completely broken down. Sadly for those people believing in the score there is a real danger. None of them believe that St.Binah will fall and thus aren’t going to take actions to stop Van.

At least we are getting an insight into Van’s motives for doing whatever he is doing. He and Tear came from the island of Hod. If the score said the island had to be lost then I wouldn’t blame him for being upset at people. Though accepting he has a reason to be upset and allowing him to do something like destroying Akzeriuth are two different things entirely. His plans are starting to be hinted at but it will take some more time before we can truly figure out just what Van intends. Destroying parts of the Outer Lands and having replica data for Hod still shouldn’t make complete sense to people first viewing the series.

Its too bad Asch is out of the picture for now though. The guy left without any notice to the viewers. Obviously he is working on things on his own and will likely be of benefit to the group later. Besides could understand why he’d rather do things alone instead of travelling with the main group. Being around Luke I think would be difficult enough for the guy as it is. Have Jade who created fomicry and Natalia who he doesn’t seem to want himself to get close to. Suspect also that being alone for so long it’s a bit more comfortable than the difficulties that being around others usually bring. Hopefully he’ll pop up again to help out. For know the only sign of the guy we’re likely to see is a communication with Luke from long range.

For now there is a war to stop. The last thing anyone needs is to be fighting at this time. Plus if the Mayor of Yulia City is right the area that would be the target to fall is the planned battlefield. If the troops go out into such an area and Van acts it could be a horrifying disaster. So for now all they can hope is that the leader of Malkuth will help them out in this regard. Look forward to next week since it appears Jade may be getting some very welcome character development.

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  1. I’m waiting for your feelings about new “A tale of Melodies” – you’re a bit late with this ep and I wonder why :)

  2. @Azuka
    Yeah all it took to get their romance going was the annihilation of a city :). But definitely some nice progress for TearxLuke in this one. Now that he’s cut out the major negatives in his personality there are more possibilities.

    Actually Xebek is covering that one. I’ve seen up to episode 8 myself, though that doesn’t really help. I’m sure that series will get updated soon as Xebek can do it.

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