Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka – 08

Tsukasa goes after a career goal and remembers some good times with Jun.


Well this was a pretty good episode overall. A bit more on the serious side than the last few episodes, but that’s alright I think. This one was centred on Tsukasa for a change of pace. Was a nice thing to flesh out the relationship of Jun with the rest of his friends especially those from the years before he was reunited with Minato. It seems like Tsukasa could give some more serious advice back then. Also just felt like there was a good history between them. Before the later days where she was more of a source of teasing rather than someone you’d suspect to be a serious friend of Jun. Have to admit it was hilarious to watch them practice out moves similar to Sailor Moon back when they were kids.

A little bit of development on the romance side I suppose. Though that’s only if you can call Yuuhi being jealous and upset at Jun as development. At any rate Jun is at least including Yuuhi in his strange mental fantasy which is good for her chances. Though she wasn’t alone and was included with the other girls. So right now she hasn’t really made a ton of progress with Jun. But its still the situation where if anyone has a shot of getting together with the guy it is her. Will just have to wait and see if the series decides to give a decided finish or some kind of vague ending.

Regardless it really wasn’t a bad episode. Decisions on the future aren’t bad things to think about. Though I agree Yuuhi really doesn’t need to fill out such a form. Jun may not need to either since if he gets together with Yuuhi he’ll get some responsibilities in the large company. Found the board game they were playing kind of comical, in how it ending up pointing out the serious incidents in the series to this point. Marriage, attack by squid, giant robot falling apart, and finally a trip to hell. While that hasn’t happened yet it doesn’t seem like a positive thing for Jun. Though going to hell could mean marrying Yuuhi for all we know.

Also can’t believe I didn’t notice it earlier. But in the image selection you can pick out the Captain from Macross Frontier. I’m not one to normally make a big deal out of placing characters into series they don’t belong in. But honestly found it hilarious that he would actually be put there. Series can be fairly funny that’s for sure.

So will see what comes in the next episode. Looks like a birthday episode for Jun and more development on the romance front.

2 thoughts on “Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka – 08”

  1. Just finished watching this episode.

    Was it just me or did this episode spend an inordinate amount of time on Tsukasa’s boobs? Whether it’s just from standing up or opening the door or doing curl ups , it felt like the artists were suddenly using the physics from DOA Beach Volleyball….

    I wonder if it’s a bad sign that I find Tsukasa to be the more interesting female character rather than either Yuuhi or Minato. It’d be more interesting of the show actually devloved a dramatic tension between Tsukasa and Jun …though that would never happen.

  2. Yeah I also thought there was quite a bit of focus on Tsukasa’s chest. Seems like those doing the animation decided to have fun and laugh at the result. Figuring the focus was on a side character for this episode so they could fool around without any consequence.

    Think part of it was that they put everything that would be interesting about Tsukasa into this episode instead of it being spread out over the series. Yuuhi and Minato are slow processes since they are main characters.

    Could have been interesting if they decided to go more into the relationship with Jun and Tsukasa. But doesn’t seem like they will be doing that. Most of the series they portrayed her as a comical character and then for one episode decided to take her seriously. Sadly expect her to return to what she was acting like before as we move closer to the end of the series.

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