Takumi meets up once more with Sena and has to defend himself from some thugs.


As always Sena comes in with a lot of terminology. I know she is dealing with more technical stuff, but definitely takes a while to figure out what she means. But it’s all pretty interesting since we are getting another view on Di-Swords and their whole purpose. Kind of interesting how depending on which character you are standing with your viewpoint can shift. Yet even with different viewpoints the actual situation remains the same. Ayase was focused on another dimension and things along that line and Sena is looking more at it in a completely different way. Still like how things are progressing so will just have to keep everything in mind.

Let’s start with Gigalomaniax which is a pretty lengthy term for what Takumi is. I like Kozupii’s simple explanation of those being the people who can see Di-Swords. Sena also defined it as “ones who hold the power to interfere Dilac’s Ocean.” Another important thing is the Nozomi group who have again taken centre stage. Seems they’ve created devices that can do artificially what a Gigalomaniax can do naturally. So the machines are sending out pulses (as mentioned in another episode) that enter the body and registers in the eyes blind spot. The guy we saw in the last episode who Sena took down was part of this group likely testing out the device. With enough of them they can cause a mass delusion that the whole city will feel. They are apparently even responsible for the earthquake we saw last episode. In the end I’m still trying to understand the whole thing with what Sena is talking about.

Another important thing to consider is the Real Booter. When the Di-Swords aren’t on the Real Booter they stay invisible as we have seen many times in the series. But once they are then they break into the perception of others as seen in this and last episode. Still when they do those swords can definitely do some damage to just about anything they come into contact with. Have to wonder about that Kozupii having such a ridiculously large sword.

Aside from the technical side of things this was a pretty important episode. Takumi definitely had his Di-Sword for a moment there. Kozupii probably took out those goons, but nothing to say that Takumi didn’t do something with his sword before blacking out. The guy is capable of bringing delusions into reality without the sword which Sena mentioned as a shortcut. But also to be curious about is who had Takumi attacked and what was the motive? I’m betting it was Misumi honestly though can’t be completely sure. The guy did seem to like Ayase which would give him some motive. Either out of jealously that he thinks Takumi was dating Ayase or out of anger for what happened to Ayase. That ugly rumour that Takumi was going out with Ayase seems to be widely believed. Guess the girl jumping off the school roof would make people wonder what is going on. Luckily Takumi managed to create a garden that broke her fall to a degree.

Also just what was Rimi up to in this episode? Takumi was getting pretty reliant on her but she seemed to be going around on her own. Was she the one who leaked out how Ayase was in an institution for a time and was feeling guilty? Regardless she is part of things and it’s outside of the Nozomi group I think. There is more going on than just that organization and it’d be trouble if we forgot about that. That group doesn’t seem to have a great deal of connection to the murders. Unless they were testing the devices on people and they went on a killing spree.

A really good episode I thought. Kozupii is a bit strange with the telepathy, but that’s alright. She probably just thinks it’s cool to communicate like that. Just worry a bit about that girl to be honest. She has a pretty innocent mindset about all of this. Going around and beating up bad guys and things along those lines. Agree with Sena that she should be much more cautious about using her Di-Sword. Still good of her to try and reassure Takumi even though she ended up freaking the guy out. Would be hard for anyone I suppose to just sit there and watch as Takumi was being mocked by the class. The guy isn’t good with people to begin with and so if they are all acting like that he will simply fall apart. The photo at the end was pretty corny and it seems they will be going after Nozomi next episode. Just worried about how this could all turn out.

5 thoughts on “CHAOS;HEAD – 07”

  1. asombroso ahora lavan el cerebro de las personas quiero un aparato como ese esta bueno esta anime lo malo es que tengo que esparar esta el jueves para verlo con subtitulos en español.

  2. If you mean those three guys that attacked Taku, it was likely that they were just looking for trouble as everyone in the city seems to be on edge due to the recent events. They probably needed to feel superior and Taku would have seemed a perfect target to pick on.

  3. @Panther
    Normally I’d agree with you entirely. I mean lets face it with people acting out in general it isn’t strange to jump Taku like that. But what they said during the attack made it seem like they were asked to do it. They admitted to being asked to beat Taku up and were paid for it. No real reason to make something like that up. If they wanted to hurt him for no reason then they would just do it.

  4. …Doesn’t real-booting something cause anti-particals to become stocked on one’s Di-Sword? So Sena and Kozu-pii were reallly ooc randomly real-booting their Di-swords like that. Ugh well the anime is really far gone compared to the game that it’s getting hard to watch XD

  5. The anti-particles only stack up if they use it to do things, not always when they re-boot it. That aside, they took out a huge chunk of material that was originally in the VS. As in those guys that attacked Takumi had a reason and along those lines, terrible things happened to Nanami. All thise points to them trying to input an orginal ending, but for all I know, it could be the same as the bad end.

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