Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka – 07

Yuuhi participates in cooking and cosplay at the schools culture festival.


Well was actually a pretty funny episode overall. Series does pretty well when it just has a good time rather than trying to get too serious with the romance. The end was pretty funny and even I got caught up in it. It was a strange Power Rangers moment when Jun was piloting the giant robot. Though in the end the thing was pretty cheaply made and just fell apart when he took a step. Its too bad since I was looking forward to a big robot battle that ended up not happening at all. Still wasn’t a total waste since some laughs were had along the way.

The culture festival felt pretty along the normal for a series like this. The cosplay battle to try and lure more customers was pretty fun. Yuuhi and Karen got pretty desperate to bring in the customers. First the normal outfits pretty much failed entirely. Then they tried the cat ears which while cute had no impact on the people. Maid outfits didn’t quite work since the class next door was doing the same and their skirts were 30 cm shorter. Finally some strange combination of cat ears and school swimsuits managed to bring in the crowd. Was a tough battle since Minato and the tennis club had the market corned on the food side of things. Though lets face it with Minato serving and her food being chef class its no question that people would rather go there to get a meal.

There wasn’t a great deal on the romance side of things going on in this one. You get some more interrogations of Yuuhi by her classmates and blushing but nothing really serious. Obviously we’re seeing her like Jun more though I still like Minato more. Since at the end she just gives him a couple hard punches to the gut which I think is overboard. But with them having some tense moments its clear they will end up together. Since the person you fight with the most is clearly the person you will end up with. A strange world we live in that’s for sure.

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  1. well nice and i love this anime forever…i think all the screenshot you have have a link to save in my collection…hope so that happen.. thanks…

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