Rosario + Vampire ~Chu~ – 06

Tsukune’s class takes a field trip to the human world.


This episode was alright, in fact it was one of the better episodes so far(which isn’t saying too much) but I find it a bit hard to REALLY like the episode considering it was such a bit waste of potential. I would think that an episode where everyone takes a trip to the human world would have a lot of potential for serious story to occur. Dealing with some of the issues of Tsukune being a human, dealing with some of Moka’s past experiences and how she came to hate the human world initially, and a general showing of prejudices between humans and monsters. That’s one of the plot devices that could easily be implemented into this series, and it would manifest itself perfectly in this situation, yet they didn’t even begin to touch on that. Hell, they didn’t even have any short gags about the girls being surprised or fascinated with things there, considering they may not be exposed to human culture a lot.

I’m also a bit surprised that Kurumu didn’t actually get her own episode this week. I mean, they even made a joke about it and broke the fourth wall with Kurumu saying how last week Mizore, and last last week Yukari, now it’s her turn. It almost started out like tit could be her episode, dealing with jealousy of Tsukune being with Moka, but there was practically nothing. I’m not sure if they are just postponing her episode or not, but I would be very disappointed if this was in fact, effectively her episode. She’s important enough that she deserves an episode a lot more centered on her then this one, especially since the others got one.

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  1. Have to say overall the anime really hasn’t given Kurumu much development. Seem content to leave her as the stupid girl that jumps at Tsukune and not too much else. She has an important role in that group. Do wonder if they are going to give her an episode. Getting further along and sooner or later you’d think they will drop into their 2-3 somewhat serious episodes like last season.

    Think we should lament for Ruby a bit as well. She went from a character to someone who repeats the same lines almost all the time you see her. Repeats that “many things have happened” line almost as much as Moka and Tsukune do their “Moka-san” “Tsukune” x1000. Doubt she’ll get an episode to herself either.

    Agree a chance was wasted to deal with serious issues between humans and youkai. Guess they figured that was done last year so its no important to handle again. Though the very school they attend is based on the fact that the two groups can’t openly co-exist. One has to hide in order to avoid conflict that would erupt.

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