Takumi gets closer to Rimi and the situation in the town begins to escalate.


Well another fun episode. This really had a lot of Rimi in it which isn’t a bad thing if you like her character. I’m hoping she doesn’t turn out that bad or anything, but it’s almost guaranteed there is going to be something bizarre connected to her. That murder scene at the start doesn’t really count since it could have been all delusion. But you can look back at what happened with Yua and remember that things aren’t what they seem. Right now Takumi is putting a lot of hope in Rimi and needs her to be on his side. Guy is in danger of falling apart at any moment it seems. Still its quite a bit of progression from early on when he was running away at the sight of Rimi. Now he’s spending plenty of time with her. Though it doesn’t appear she thinks any of the strange stuff Takumi is talking about is anything more than his delusions. Or she does know and is trying to protect him by putting that stuff out of his mind. On a lighter note I have to give Takumi’s delusions credit. The Rimi he imaged during that scene in his place was something.

Anyways the murders are starting to get more light put on them. We got to see the first incident last episode and more details got revealed in this one. The cross murder victim is revealed to be a Professor Oota who knew quite a bit about the G-Errate. Now he could have just gone to investigate part of the city that he knew had a high level of this and just got killed. But another option is that someone killed him before he could talk about it anymore. That option has some legs with the day before the murder the show he was supposed to be put on was changed. Now whoever was behind that could definitely have a part to play in the Professor getting murdered.

He isn’t the only professional that got killed off either. Dr. Takashina apparently has died also which helped to send Takumi into a bad state. In comparison to the Professor this death is pretty creepy to think about. Now if we trust Takumi’s chat buddy Grim the cause of death was linked to emaciation or pretty much starving to death. But the brain being removed is just a nice creepy factor to add to the crime. Now I still think its possible he starved to death and then the brain was removed unless they found evidence to prove otherwise. Now I’m no biologist, but hard to believe the vital organs would function for a week without the brain there. They need to be told what to do after all for the body to work. Even people brain dead in hospitals need to be hooked up to machines to keep the body going. You unhook them and they don’t die of starvation. I think Grim is just jumping the gun a bit there. But still the image he puts out of a guy having his brain removed while he is alive and dying like that is a bit disturbing. Now the death could be connected to Takumi or to something the doctor was involved in.

Big thing that connects to that suspicion is NOZOMI. Its not the first time that has come into this series. In the flashback during episode 3 we saw a man with that badge on nearby when Takumi was brought into the hospital. Now yet again that name has come up on a machine that Sena destroyed. That scene in itself was pretty strange with some questions attached. What was up with that guy using the machine on the group of people? Just what was he trying to accomplish by doing that? Also have to wonder who was this Hatano that Sena was asking about? Other than questions that have no answers, the interesting thing was her Di-Sword. Unlike all the times before it emerged into reality and everyone could see it. Crowd running away in a panic was pretty fun to watch. Only for a bit but we did get to see Sena in action and using her sword to destroy the machine.

Anyways at least Takumi is trying to figure things out. Wonder if he could have brought a Di-Sword out if Rimi hadn’t stopped him? That was one of a few cases of her maybe knowing more than she is letting on. Be funny if that stupid sword could be turned into something useful. I hope the Shogun is responsible for everything since if he isn’t Takumi is unnecessarily bashing the poor guy. Since Takumi said the only possible meaning behind his message as being a threat. Honestly I felt the Shogun was trying to warn him about something terrible that could happen if Takumi doesn’t start facing things. But that’s all about perspective I suppose. The end of the episode was pretty crazy with the phone call. It would seem that Takumi refusing to answer it caused an effect that was hurting everyone in the city. Thus the whole running away could cause people to die thing coming into play a bit. Also everyone was seeing what we would call a delusion if it was just Takumi in the area. Can’t wait to see next week and find out more about what is going on.

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  1. si soy el primer comentario.

    este anime se esta poniendo cada ves más buano no puedo esperar a la siguiente semana saludos a todos desde guadalajara jalisco México y arriba el América.

  2. Thanks for commenting on this one.

    The series has reached an interesting point with this latest situation. Before it was pretty singular, but when this episode finished a lot of people were affected. Wonder how many more murders will happen before the series is over?

  3. Quite a few of em I believe… looking at the way things are I guess they’re starting to get into the bigger picture. However I think this ep felt a bit rushed.. I can understand that they have only a few eps but many of the Taku x Rimi parts didn’t have the same impact. Like when he saw Yua and threw up, in the game you could really feel how f*ck’d up Taku was feeling, it was like the world was against him and he was dry heaving and everything. Then suddenly Rimi comes in and comforts him when he was about to break… in the anime it was just “lol Yua, *cough cough* yay Rimi!” When Taku starting breaking down after hearing about Takishima’s death it seemed more justifyed in the game since you could really feel his state of mind. Hm it might be biase on my part since I saw the game first though, and that in the anime with the 3rd person view it’s harder to re-create the effect. I’m dissapointed that they didn’t put in the bloody scream you hear when Sena real-boots her sword though, but I guess it’s a minor detail x.x

    Aside from my rambling comparing I guess this ep did serve the purpose of advancing the plot despite the rush. Blargh but being a huge Rimi fan I can’t help but feel regret that they didn’t do the Rimi x Taku parts to my expectations.. *sigh* I guess if you keep your expectations low it’s better for you haha.

    In the end pretty much everyone is going to get caught up in the grand scheme of things and it gets pretty epic.

  4. @ FlameStrike;
    I can understand the feeling of it being rushed. I mean one part where Taku was freaking out about the Doctor’s death felt too short. Its like the moment he starts panicking Rimi shows up almost immediately. Of course with the amount of episodes they have can understand not being able to stretch parts like that out more. Though overall I was pretty satisfied with the episode. Probably helps that I don’t have the game experience since there is nothing to compare with. Really can only experience something the first time once.

    Kind of compare it to Tales of the Abyss. Now that I have played and so not much that series will do can surprise me. Also the feeling of them rushing through travel can be felt as well. With TakuxRimi I felt pretty happy with the episode. Though you can’t help but wonder how it would have been with no concerns about time. Still I think the important things got across. You could feel how important Rimi was as an ally for him. The relief of when she showed up after seeing Yua and after he found out about the Doctor. How she was the person he called for when he was freaking out. Even though everyone isn’t what they seem in the series and the first moments of episode 1 aren’t exactly promising, I do hope things turn out alright for Rimi.

    Still can see myself checking out the game somehow after this is done. May not surprise me with the overall story, but do think it would be a good experience. Anyways too bad its another week until the next episode since this one ended on a pretty interesting note.

  5. I’m impressed with some of the points the blog poster broke down, because you got more then a few aspects right, or “near right,” heh..

    Although you have to keep the dillusion and conspiracy type stuff above all else when analyzing it.

    Anyways, sets things in motion, I wonder how peep will react to a few things that are coming, including the BIGGEST surprise for an anime like this one, heh..

  6. Things are certainly getting serious now.
    Things happen so suddenly.
    I’m surprised that the New Gen thing is involving the whole city, rather than just Taku and the girls.
    And yea, it feels rushed. They should have made the anime a 24 episodes series.

  7. @Setsukyie
    Yeah do agree some parts really feel rushed. A few more episodes at least would have helped spread it out some more. Though I guess there are things behind the scene that effects that.

    Well not too surprised that more people are getting involved. I mean the people who died were already outside some of the characters. Still the whole city is a lot more than I would have expected. Do wonder what is going to happen next and how much the people of the city will be caught up in it.

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