Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka – 06

The group pays a visit to a hotspring and has some fun at Jun’s expense.


Well Jun gets himself into more strange times in this one. Really it was a pretty standard hot springs episode if there is a standard for these things. Jun really ends up being the punch line to a lot of jokes that’s for sure. Whole group went around having fun with songs, jokes, and making Jun react the way they wanted. Minato spent some time in the episode teasing him a little bit. Though still his reactions to her are pretty strong in the series. Fun that when the girls come out again there is only one person he behaves like that toward. It was also pretty entertaining how he freaked out when Minato was gone for only a short period of time. He knows what she can do, but still lost it and chased her into the woods. Though still think he’ll be put with Yuuhi in the end its pretty fun to watch.

On Minato she did show off some skills again. Girl really did have a very strange upbringing. She just enters a serious mode now and then. This time she went off tracking bears and ended up in the hot springs with them. Even going the next step of having her communicating with animals to a degree. I really wonder about those parents, though becoming clearer why leaving Minato and Jun alone isn’t a concern to them. For now its just an interesting thing, but never know if they will toss in a moment when that serious mode actually comes in handy. She does seem pretty supportive of Jun and Yuuhi and yet will clearly be hurt when they do end together.

Not too much to say about the episode overall. They gave some moments of the girls in their kimonos and made some jokes. Karen did get quite a bit of focus here as well. But mostly in furthering her bonds with Yuuhi. The episode also made sure to show how bothered she was by the whole event on the cruise. Though really, the majority of the fault was Yuuhi’s for nearly burning the ship down.

Series continues to be pretty solid. I won’t call it outstanding, but it’s better now that Yuuhi isn’t constantly trying to rip Jun apart.

3 thoughts on “Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka – 06”

  1. soy primero siiiiiiiii.

    en el juego hasta la hermana hermana esta permitida, pero no es el juego pero detodos modos esta bueno esta anime es muy chistoso.

  2. Do remember that Minato was an option for those who played the game. Honestly with her and Yuuhi being an option I wonder if they won’t just leave it open ended. Since it was in the game it wouldn’t be that out there for them to play with that side of it a little.

    Still some good laughs from the series.

  3. I suppose I shouldn’t be so surprised at Minato having a story path, since she does appear prominently in the opening. But part of me was longing to see an anime from this genre where the main character had a real younger sister — no incest, no adoption, no “related by marriage,” no “childhood friend that’s like a sister.” Oh well, either Minato or Yuuhi should provide dramatic or comedic results as the series goes on.

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