Tales of the Abyss – 07

The group struggles to rescue Ion and Luke’s attitude gets worse.


Honestly I forgot how annoying Luke is at this point in the game. Can we kill him? Sadly not since the series would end we can’t, but wow he’s pushing it. His head has just gotten so big that I think Tear’s word of caution will ring true. Charges Largo not because he’s gotten smarter, but because he is impatient about seeing “Master Van.” Not to mention running Ion ragged and not giving a damn because he is the ambassador. Any bonds he’s made along the way in the series are being tested since he’s just expecting compliance and respect. Shows how reliant he is on Van for everything right now. Because of how Van treated him, Luke has turned out like this. If the others aren’t ready to talk about things that are personal to them he should just leave it. They’ve done a good job explaining things when he didn’t understand and he should respect that. But instead he has gotten so arrogant that he negates any importance of Ion.

Ok enough of the annoying Luke segment. There are some important things to note here. The Sephiroth for one is something to keep an eye on. Why are the God Generals kidnapping Ion and having him remove the seals? The reason they are protected is classified, but from Ion’s point of view there shouldn’t be a reason to remove the seals. They have been defined here as a concentration point of Fon Slots on the planet. While that may not make sense we can tell these areas do have some significance. It seems like for now they don’t need Ion for the unsealing and are going to let him walk around. Also a question of why Sync can use Daathic Artes like that. The Curse Slot will be something to keep an eye on in terms of Guy’s actions and a hint to the location of Sync.

Another big thing is Asch and the connection of some characters to Natalia. Asch for one seemed content to release Ion to the group. Could have been something agreed among the God Generals, but also could be acting on his own in that regard. After all if they just were willing to give Ion up there would be no reason to fight. It was also Asch who summoned the group there in the first place. He is pretty interesting in taking actions like recruiting the Dark Wings (group that kidnapped Ion before). Interesting thing here is Asch and Largo’s connection to Natalia. Largo seemed surprised that she was there, but wouldn’t divulge much. I mean could just be shock at seeing a princess there, but has to be more than that. Asch also had that look at Natalia last episode and inquired to Largo’s connection. Being referred to by Sync as ‘cinders of the Holy Flame of Light” brings up some good speculation. Of course not hard to remember what the meaning of Luke’s name was mentioned by Ion as being. He is someone to keep an eye on for this series.

Final things to notice are the rage by Jade at the end of the episode and Legretta’s message. Jade isn’t the type of person to be rattled easily. Ion as well seemed worried about Jade talking about what he knows. Fomicry…that’s definitely what has Jade extremely upset. Something that hits Jade so close to home that he can’t keep together that personality he puts out. What Legretta was talking about in terms of the Score is also important to note. Talking about how people are far too dependent on it and it ends up governing their lives. Ion of course sees it as a useful tool and Jade tosses out an opinion that could be a consensus in that the score makes people’s lives easier. You can’t say what she is planning from that, but the God Generals actions are likely connected to the score.

Overall I enjoyed this one. The fight was done pretty well and they let most characters show off what they could do. Only so much you can do without taking up the whole episode so this was fine. It is much better than the ‘boss’ of last episode who got taken down in one attack. Hints are being given to some of the mysteries and I’m sure a few first viewers could figure some things out. But now they are heading to a location that is incredibly important right now. Akzeriuth is a city in a lot of trouble and the group will have to pull it together for this.

2 thoughts on “Tales of the Abyss – 07”

  1. Looks like my prediction was right. The end of episode 8 will most likely be that big revelation everyone is waiting for. Even if that doesn’t happen at the end, episode 8 is the big one. The one that will get everything rolling.

    And yeah, I was expecting this part. Honestly, this entire episode was the part that made everyone hate Luke the most. Even though he spent much of his time with old friends and new comerades, he never opens up to them and only insists on following his master.

  2. Would have thought knowing this was coming would help me not dislike the guy so bad. But really I feel the same now as I did when playing at this stage. Luke has just gotten worse than he was earlier on. Sure he didn’t know some things and had that attitude, but he wasn’t this bad. He might be a little tough on Ion, but he’d show how he cared a moment later. Here for the sake of catching up with Van he’s running the guy into the ground.

    Glad they managed to get the big event into next episode. Since there is plenty of story to go was wondering where that would fall. Seems like the big revelation will come next episode, but could cliffhanger it at some point and conclude the rest in episode 9. Regardless I’m looking forward to this since it is an important moment.

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