Rosario + Vampire ~Chu~ – 05

Mizore tries to show that she is capable of expressing her feelings like a normal person.


This episode is pretty much what I expected. Since Yukari got her own episode, and the preview even pretty much said the other girls wanted their own episode, so here we go. I always did like Mizore, she was at least different then someone who is openly fawning over the guy, being odd and stalking the guy, even though he knows she’s stalking him. In the end it did give a pretty nice message about her being fine the way she is, making the ice dish instead of trying to effectively being someone else and so on. I expect that sugar coated character development for others along the way too.

I’m hoping that after they focus on the individual characters, and I pretty much see only Kurumu as needing her own episode now, that they will focus on some more important stuff. I know I kind of shouldn’t be expecting anything grand from this show, as it is just an ecchi/slapstick/comedy but even if nothing important is focused on, I would like to see them focus on Moka and Tsukune, or at least a bit more on Kokoa or pretty much anything that could maybe become an important par of the overall plot.

4 thoughts on “Rosario + Vampire ~Chu~ – 05”

  1. The whole curry thing was funny, but it was a little too much. It took too much focus away from Mizore’s story. In the manga she’s actually a rather tragic character.

    I kinda wish that the anime would take on some of the more serious aspects from the manga. In particular, there’s a very important recurring theme that the anime hasn’t even touched on yet.

    I still like the anime though, and I will never get tired of the OP :)

  2. Agree it would be nice to focus more on that serious tragic side of Mizore, but doubt we’ll see anything close to that in the anime. Mostly see the anime as taking the lighthearted/fanservice portions of the manga and amplifying it.

    At least episodes like this one aren’t that bad. Mizore is in my top 2 of favourite characters for this series so always happy to see an episode dedicated to her. Glad to see her work hard and find a way that is true to who she is. Super spicy curry just isn’t connected to her. Even if she could make it no way could she stand to eat something like that for the sake of her health.

    Do hope they give a solid episode to Kurumu. Think the anime hasn’t shown her positive qualities that well. She’s been painted pretty simply and it’d be nice to develop her some more.

    Guess we’ll see if the anime can put in a bit of seriousness before the last couple episodes.

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