Clannad ~After Story~ – 05

We see what Misae was like in high school, as she tries to help Tomoyo with being Student Council President.


I found this episode a lot more interesting then I thought it would be. I as expecting this episode, and pretty much all of Misae’s arc to be rather uninteresting mainly because she is one of the least important characters they’ve focused on. She is hardly a crucial part of this show, yet I was still interested in what was going on. I wouldn’t even mind if her story didn’t have any impact on anything else. I suspect it will, I suspect that it will somehow help Tomoyo or push Tomoya and Nagisa for some development, but its interesting enough that I first off just want to find out what happened in her past…so long as they don’t spend too much time on it. I still want them to focus on Nagisa and Tomoya a lot more.

I’m curious as to what the supernatural aspect of this story arc will be. There seems to be a weird balance of supernatural aspects and non supernatural aspects to this show. In the first season, pretty much all there was that was beyond normal means was Fuko’s story. Here, Misae’s story contains something that may turn out to be supernatural, with the whole wish thing. Now, that would easily turn out not to be, but I can see it being true as well just because there is already a history in this show of that kind of thing. Beyond Misae’s story, it also brings up whether or not we’ll see any of that kind of thing in another story arc.

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