Takumi feels there is nowhere to be safe and Rimi struggles against Takumi’s fear of her.


Ok this was a pretty interesting episode. Though really, this whole series just seems to keep adding questions without giving a ton of answers to anything. A major part of this episode had to be when Takumi met with the Shogun. While you have to wonder if the whole town vanished or it was just another delusion. Still was a pretty interesting conversation at any rate. For some reason I got a ‘future Takumi’ kind of vibe from the guy. Though really its not like its that possible…right?

If Rimi isn’t hiding some other personality I’m really feeling for her. I mean Takumi tried to turn her into the police! That’s kind of taking things to an extreme if she isn’t responsible for that murder. But going along with that was kind of funny with the police thinking he was crazy. Not sure if that will put him out of suspicion for them or cause them to think he’s a crazy killer. Also kind of funny with thinking his doctor being sick was a conspiracy from Rimi. Anyways Rimi has had some tough times. With Takumi running away form her and freaking out like a lunatic in the streets. The slap was honestly necessary and does put that doubt in his mind. Though at the same time reminds me of Yua and how he put trust in her. Hopefully Rimi stays to what we’ve seen most of the time and doesn’t destroy their fragile connection.

Kind of find it funny that a phrase that has been scaring Takumi to death is now popular. No one really gets how scary that can be. Wonder if they will start to get it as this series continues? Though if they see the power of the Di-Sword Takumi bought….Still that was a pretty funny moment when the orange barrage destroyed it.

Anyways we got some interesting developments from the girls with swords. Have Ayase at least showing her interest in Takumi, though part of it was definite delusion. But she also mentioned that he should hurry and find the sword so he can be saved. Makes one wonder about the connection these sword girls have and why they can see them. Be kind of funny if Takumi got some kind of weapon like that as well. What was also interesting was that Sena girl. Finally from her we got to hear the name of one of the weapons, the Di-Sword. Kind of funny it did have a Wikipedia link, but when I checked it out they had already pulled it. She just brings more questions with the mention of “Error” whatever that is. Do wonder about that Takumi with delusions like that….

Things just keep moving along in this series. We get more and more questions, but still can’t quite piece together what is going on. Hopefully Takumi figures it out before he snaps completely. Looks like most of the girls will make appearances next week. I’m honestly curious about Yua coming back into it with her multiple personality theory. It’s pretty interesting to make a blogging comparison with this and Tales of the Abyss. For that series I know what’s going to happen since I played the game. But for this one have no connection to the game source and so it’s a real mystery. Will keep an eye on what I do with both series to see differences in the approach.

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