Telepathy Shoujo Ran – 17

Ran and everyone win a vacation trip to a secluded island.


This episode was alright. For the most part this series is being…well, like itself. There isn’t anything extraordinary about it and it’s not really changing much form episode to episode except that they deal with different events, that take two episodes, and have nothing to do with overall plot. I am getting a bit frustrated with this show for that, only because I can see this show being much more, yet its not.

It’s likely, like most of this series’s episodes have gone, that although there is a strong supernatural component such as Ran hearing these voices calling for help and so on that a large chunk of what’s going on, be it about the history of the island or the snake, or whatever treasure, it’s not supernatural. Like that guy’s grandfather having killed people to get treasure from the island or something like that. It actually has surprised me in the past how the show can go from a high component of supernatural focus to resolving the situation to be caused by normal events; still, I am interested in how that ratio plays out here.

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