Clannad ~After Story~ – 04

Tomoya continues to try and help Mei by finding a way to get Sunohara to act like his old self.


I was very impressed with this episode, and the overall Sunohara arc that they have been doing. I realized right off the bat that although Sunohara is usually just a comical character used for laughs, that he has a potential serious and intriguing story, and I really have to say that I found he did. The story got dark at times, Sunohara and Tomoya seemingly hating each other but all for the better good. Sunohara’s character and his motivations really seemed to come through. In the end, although Mei was critically important to Sunohara’s story, it came down to Sunohara. Although Mei was what caused him to come bursting though and show he cared, it was still about Sunohara and I think he really changed from being someone who didn’t care at all, to someone who fought for someone else.

It seems from the next episode that it’ll be focused on the dorm woman, which I’m a bit surprised to hear. I’ve not actually played the game, and if I did I probably wouldn’t be surprised at such, but seeing as how she’s not really that important of a character, it has me surprised yet intrigued at the same time as to what they are going to do with her character. Although they just finished doing Sunohara for a couple of episodes, and he’s not exactly the main character, he’s a lot more important, or was at least featured a lot more then the dorm woman, who I know has a name they’ve mentioned but I fail to remember it now. Tomoyo showed some interest in her already this series, so perhaps we’ll find out why, like stories of her in high school, perhaps being very Tomoyo like. It may even turn into something that becomes a short Tomoyo story, however I for the most part would rather have them focus on some new stuff, like more of Tomoya and Nagisa’s relationship, but I’m sure that will eventually come.

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  1. Man, that fight was rough. To top it all off Mei and Nagisa had to see the absolute worst qualities of Tomoya and Youhei.

    I actually cringed when Tomoya and Youhei met the day after the fight. Nothing like a hearty laugh to break the tension.

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