Telepathy Shoujo Ran – 16

Ran and Midori go back in time to try and find Rui and help him out of the situation he’s found himself in.


I thought this episode was pretty good. It really started out as one of the more interesting problems and situations they’ve run into, and although it didn’t seem to end on quite as high of a note, it was till pretty interesting. At least time traveling somewhere was a new direction for them, as it added many interesting things they haven’t done yet. However it just feels that they didn’t make as much out of this situation as they could have, still, not a bad episode by any means.

I’m actually a b it disappointed in the focus they gave Rui. Although it seemed like this would be the perfect opportunity to explain what exactly is special with Rui, they didn’t. Although he was the one first taken back, and only one to see the monster before the big burst of power, that still didn’t really mean much. They pretended like it never happened almost, and that it was nothing special. They didn’t at all link it to the fact he was introduced in the very first episode has having some strange, but different power from Ran and Midori. Rui’s part could almost have been played by anyone without powers and just explain him seeing the monster because he was the random person the comb picked. I really wish they would give Rui more focus, as so far he’s the closest thing the series has to an overall encompassing plot.

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  1. What I found a bit odd was near the end. Rui combines with the girls or something to save the day. Yet they don’t talk about it and act like its obvious they could do that. Does Rui even know he has special abilities? Think the people behind need to remember their characters a bit better. Did feel the couple episodes was a bit of waste since they really could have done something more with him.

    Still wasn’t a bad episode. There was something supernatural at work and shockingly the older sister wasn’t dead.

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