ef – a tale of melodies – 03

Mizuki finds out the truth about Kuze’s condition.


Again, this series provides an amazing episode. Not too much seemed to get developed with Himura and Yuuko actually, they were setting some things up, but nothing too big has happened yet. The big point in this episode was Kuze’s story. I of course was right about Kuze dying. It pretty much just sets up his story as being hopelessly tragic. It seems confirmed more or less that he is going to0 die, so any story progress he has with Mizuki, will end in disaster, but it will still be very interesting and intriguing to see. On a bit of a lighter note, I loved the conversation between Kuze and Himura they had at school, “You’re knowledgeable about the girls at this school, right?” “How rude, I’m knowledgeable about girls outside this school too.” I laughed very, very hard at that.

I was unbelievably happy to see Chihiro in this episode. I’m so glad they just didn’t abandon the characters from the first series. Not only did they show her, but she was actually of some importance and help to Mizuki. I was curious about her memory. They stated before that her condition could improve over time if something strong emotionally were to affect her. While I don’t think that happened in the first series, it’s possible that since then her memory is a bit better. Now, I normally wouldn’t make a leap that big but it seemed odd to me that Chihiro mentioned how Mizuki has gotten bigger. She of course at first didn’t immediately recognize her, so her memory isn’t perfect to anything, but I would think Mizuki wouldn’t be someone she constantly thinks of, to keep her in her memory, and I doubt she would have written in her diary her measurements. Therefore, although it took a bit to remember who she was, once she did she seemed to have a strong grasp on it. Either way though, I doubt it will actually be that important, as the main focus of this series is away form Chihiro. I did find it interesting thought o find out that Kei was with someone. Since I doubt they would completely undo an entire series worth of work, it’s not Hiro but I’m guessing the camera guy, Hiro’s friend.

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  1. When Chihiro mentioned Mizuki getting bigger, I think it’s because she remebers her from BEFORE the accdient. Remeber, all her memories from before that accident are intact, so what she remebers is playing with loli Mizuki as kids. Hence she was surprised at how Mizuki is now a teenager

  2. I think FlameStrike is correct. Chihiro cannot remember any new information but she remembers details from before her accident, like her sister Kei for example.

  3. I know that she can’t remember any new information, I watched the first series….However retrograde amnesia isn’t permanently at it’s fullest extent of memory damage, plus it seems odd she would know Mizuki when she was that young, before her accident, considering she didn’t meet Renji until he was older, and Mizuki is Renji’s cousin.

    Mizuki refers to Kei as a senpai, which isn’t likely to happen if she knew Kei before entering school. So her connection to Kei isn’t likely to be before Chihiro’s accident either, but ultimately none of this matters.

  4. Don’t thin its that strange that she would know Mizuki and not Renji. I don’t know the relatives of my friends after all. Sure not knowing siblings would be a bit odd, but cousins isn’t that strange. I mean if Mizuki is friends with Kei its not odd if that friendship goes back to childhood, if that goes back to childhood then it wouldn’t be odd to know Chihiro. Besides can’t remember Mizuki and Renji interacting all first season so can’t really say they would have hung out much at all. So I’m just going to believe what seems simple to me. Anyways it doesn’t really matter in the end.

    Do think the whole thing with Mizuki and Kuze is going to end in a sad way. Though wish Mizuki the best going into this knowing the truth. Feel bad for her hands though since trying to stop the violin case from burning really caused some pain.

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