Rosario + Vampire ~Chu~ – 03

Its family day at Youkai academy and Mizore and Kurumu’s parents come to visit.


Well, this episode was…interesting. It was certainly fun seeing Mizore and Kurumu’s parents, and the ways they were similar to each other was very fun to see. I loved Mizore’s mother doing the bit where she stares behind the desk even though she is adult, “Jiiiiiiiiiii…………” Kurumu’s mother was pretty much exactly as I expected there to be, for good or bad. I have to say that some of her attacks she used against Mizore’s mom were….too much. “Big Breast Missile” ……… WTF!?! Anyways, it was fun to see that they are pretty much in the same situation that their daughters are in now with Tskune, but behind that there wasn’t much to this episode. Still, it was entertaining even if it wasn’t that high quality.

I was slightly disappointed that there wasn’t much of this episode that was directed towards Moka’s situation or her sister; however I guess I should really get used to the series being absolute fluff until the final two episodes or so. Still, even though they came to a temporary conclusion with Kokoa in the last episode, I wasn’t expecting them to make her so unimportant this fast. Still, sine this series is mostly fluff and ecchi, it’s alright for now that they didn’t do anything too serious.

4 thoughts on “Rosario + Vampire ~Chu~ – 03”

  1. Yeah with this anime I expect it will be fluff for 90% of it. At least the episode had some funny moments with the mothers. Good job with the human ice cube by Mizore. First freezing Tsukune alone and then the whole class.

    At least the songs weren’t bad. I mean expected them to throw in character songs fairly early. Now just have to slip in Yukari, Ruby, Moka, and likely a group song.

  2. wow! i just loved that episode. i don’t really care what the episodes are like or what they mean….i’m just grateful that i’m EXTREMELY entertained!

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