ef – a tale of melodies – 02

Kuze spends another day with Mizuki as she learns more about him, and Himura’s past with Yuuko is revealed.


I thought this episode was great, but then again I’m likely to find most episodes of this series great. It set up some very interesting and potentially very important parts of the plot, such Himura’s past and Kuze’s situation. I am curious as to what exactly Kuze’s situation is though. It seems like he’s dying or something, he obviously has heart problems but the reason I jumped to dying is as he was burning the letters he got, he mentioned something to Himura about already having severed his human connections, like something he’s doing by cutting off contact with people close to him in preparation for death or something.

I am interested in the metaphor aspect of this series. One of the interesting things in the first series was comparing Chihiro’s novel with her real life, and Kuze keeps referring to masks. Not only actually talking about them, but in the weird metaphor scenes where he’s talking to himself and other weir things, he’s wearing different makes. I could see that as something that becomes very important and I’m looking forward to how it plays out.

On a smaller note, I freaked out when I realized this but there has to be some connection to the girl who draws herself naked, Hirono Nagi, and Hirono Hiro from the first series. Obviously the big flag that both of their family names are Hirono, Nagi is interested in drawing and Hiro was as well. Plus I don’t remember the exact name Hiro used as his manga author name, but I believe it was Nagi. Now at first I thought it might be his mother or something, but based on the time, I would drift more towards sister at this point, but it’s a bit unclear as to how much in the past the high school thing is from the present. The orphanage was “20 years ago” and I’m guessing 20 years from the present, not high school since that would make Himura and Yuuko 30 or so in high school, but if it was 20 years from present then they would be 30 maybe even 35 in present, and 35 is way too young for someone to have a 18 year old kid I would assume. Unless Nagi got pregnant in high school, I don’t see that as the case, but then again it’s still an option now.

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  1. Do remember the interesting discussion about Nagi’s connection to Hiro. Though he hasn’t shown up in the series at least we got the answer about the pen name he was using. Quite a personality Hiro’s sister has. Guess that art talent sticks well in the family. Hiro just decided to take his into the manga field.

    I’m guessing Kuze has a heart problem from the hints we’ve gotten so far. If he is in danger its kind of sad to see him cutting ties before the end. Though somehow think it will be tough to shake one persistent girl from his world.

    Himura’s story is pretty interesting as well. Nice to get some insight into that guy.

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