Clannad ~After Story~ – 03

Sunohara goes on a fake date with Sanae in order to ease Mei’s concerns, but Mei reveals to be worried about more..


This episode was surprisingly critically important. I thought that the way things were going, it would be all fun and laughs as Sunohara went on this date with Sanae and even though I recognized that Sunohara had a interesting serious story to him I didn’t quite thing it would come out like this. Mei was much more vital to the problem then I thought. I pretty much thought she was there to kind of get the ball rolling and it would be all about Sunohara and his future, but the issue of him not being a good brother anymore, and how he’s changed as a person was pretty interesting too. I’m not too sure how they are going to fix this. He seems like he changed when whatever happened with the soccer team happened. I don’t remember what exactly happened or if they actually even told us what exactly happened, but I was under the assumption it was injury related like Tomoya and basketball. Either way it seems like it’s not a very easy thing for him to get back in, and I would assume at this point, the way Sunohara is, that he wouldn’t exactly be open to Tomoya just telling him to join again. But something has to happen, because as it stands now Sunohara is fairly screwed up, at least after the provocation Tomoya did to him and his non existent reaction.

On a much lighter note I absolutely loved the whole Onii-chan bit with Mei that Tomoya had going on. Her calling him that and him blushing getting shivers was hilarious, saying that this could be dangerous. Then the other girls seeing all this happen, freaking out like Tomoya was now tainted was great too. Of course this was all just for comedy, I doubt they will act like that happened when they feature the girls again but it was still fun, the way Tomoya knew she probably should stop but didn’t really want her to was great.

One thought on “Clannad ~After Story~ – 03”

  1. Until this episode I had forgotten that Yukari Tamura is playing Mei. That cute, childish Sakura Yoshino voice really came out in this episode.

    The whole onii-chan bit was hilarious. When the three girls showed up and got the wrong impression, I busted out laughing.

    Comedy aside, Youhei’s deterioration as a brother is kinda sad.

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