Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka – 04

Jun is invited to a sea party and has some interesting interactions with Minato.


Well this episode really puts me into the camp of JunxMinato. Sure you have the blood related (or not) siblings thing, but doesn’t bother me in this series. Maybe its because they grew up separate and haven’t built the anti-sibling relationship feeling. Though difference between interest and actually doing something. At any rate Minato has moved fairly quickly into the character I like the most in this series. She has a very level head considering she has to put up with Jun and Yuuhi. A great cook, no doubt can handle herself in a tough spot, and is patient. I still expect a JunxYuuhi finish, but doesn’t mean I can’t be on a different side of the fence.

Pretty solid episode with regard to Minato and displaying her…character. They need to put Yuuhi around someone else since she is outclassed on all fronts. Yuuhi just lucky she didn’t get in trouble for blowing up the kitchen and nearly burning down the ship. Suppose if she wasn’t scared of that incredibly fake octopus she would have charged in there and killed the poor guy inside. At least this was an episode where she didn’t go over the top and try to beat Jun to death. Though wonder if she’ll be involved in an episode and not nearly cause a disaster. Maybe the best moment of the episode for her was when she shot those guys down. Definitely shows the petigree in that kind of situation. Also Jun needs to work on his personality. Sure the concern for Minato was nice, but he still complains a lot about things. Can see his past playing a role in why he is this way. But still considering the friends and family he has around him now he needs to step forward.

Series overall has felt fairly average for me. Not something I’ll immediately watch over any other series. But still there are some likable characters in there and that will make it worth following. Guess we’ll see what the hidden communications are all about. Also wonder if there is much of a point to the situation with Jun’s parents other than to show a contrast to the less than serious danger the other characters are in.

3 thoughts on “Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka – 04”

  1. I swear if this Anime becomes a romantic incest story like Da Capo, I’m going to go to my little Aizen tunnel and facepalm myself compulsively.

  2. In as much as I do hope those two are blood-related—incest is just not incest if they aren’t—I doubt James Bond mom and dad had the time to make babies amid their alien hunting excursions.

    More likely, the two kids are adopted.

  3. The adoption thing could be. Though with the insanity of those parents could almost see the wife sitting on the sidelines with a rocket launcher to help out. Definitely the relationship with this family is in question through some of Minato’s reactions in the series.

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