Rosario + Vampire ~Chu~ – 01

Moka gets worried when she receives several hate letters on the first day of the new term.


This episode was alright, its pretty much exactly like the last season in terms of ecchiness, showing panty flashes at every available second, and so on. I didn’t really expect that to change, and it didn’t in the very least. However the series did start off rather interestingly. Seeing as how I knew the show wasn’t doing to be serious going into it, the fact that it indeed isn’t serious isn’t putting me off. Not all shows have to be super serious with actual plot; it’s just fun to watch. This series has enough moments that are so stupid yet funny that it is entertaining at least.

I’m curious as to how much of this series will involve Moka’s sister. I’m guessing that a character such as her, especially since she’s enrolled in the school and they aren’t just bumping into her, will end up being pretty important and will continuously be a character in the series. However I really hope that the entire series isn’t comprised of her trying to get Moka or trying to get Tsukune. For the first couple episodes it’s alright but I hope they resolve that because there are much more interesting things they could do then continually show Moka and her sister going after each other or her sister being against her.

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  1. The introduction of Moka’s sister certainly makes one wonder what their plans are for this series. Not sure how much of season 1 of the manga they will try to incorporate for this anime season. Shouldn’t be a big deal since they fit Mizore into events that came before she appeared in the manga.

    First episode definitely gave a “we’re back” kind of feel. Pretty much as the series was remembered from before.

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