Tales of the Abyss – 05

Luke returns to Baticul and learns an important secret from Van.


Well nice to finally make it back to Baticul though there are plenty of concerns. There was something on that fon disk that forced Dist to risk attacking a ship with Van on it. Also Jade seemed deeply concerned about the data on that thing as well. Whatever it was clearly won’t be revealed by Jade for a little while. Dist though did surpass Arietta in how long he lasted and actually avoided capture. Though with him getting blasted away could almost see that being a recurring instance. His connection to Jade if anything should prove to be highly entertaining to watch.

We also go to see Luke glowing again and seems like he’s getting more powerful with that blast. Probably one of the biggest revelations around this is Luke being kidnapped by Van and not Malkuth. That does fit nicely with what Jade said before about Malkuth not knowing about it, but it also raises a ton of questions. We can take Van’s word at face value that he kidnapped Luke to protect him from being used as a tool by the King. But at the same time this is something that was apparently said before Luke lost his memory and thus has doubts connected to it. But right now we don’t have many other theories to fall back on. Guess we’ll just keep an eye on Van and see if he’s up to something or just looks really bad.

Still Luke is certainly fitting an importance of the main character with that story from the fon stone. Worry about that guys head since he forgot Ion talking about the meaning of his name and thus being completely confused with the complicated way they said “you will be born.” I can understand the guy not wanting to do any more fighting after the mess he was just in. But that’s some attitude not caring about helping the people in trouble and only helping when they talked about him being called a hero. While I can understand where his personality has come from that certainly doesn’t mean I like it all that much.

While things are going alright at the moment that doesn’t mean there aren’t problems. Questions are still hanging in the air about what Mohs is up to. Think Tear would pick up the ominous atmosphere that was in the air when she was talking to the guy. The movements of the God Generals are also something to wonder about. Why they aren’t listening to Van who is supposed to be commanding them. Sure they could simply be on the side of Mohs but that doesn’t really answer why they would listen to the guy. Assume that we’ll start go get the major answers as the story continues along.

Still feel they are doing a good job advancing the story. Think at this rate they should be alright in finishing the series.

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  1. Again, more questions keep piling up as the series keeps going and we won’t get the answers until the big revelation, but at the pace the anime adaptation is going, I wouldn’t be surprised if we hit that revelation in the next 2 or 3 episodes.

    As for Dist, it’s pretty odd that among the God Generals, he actually lasts the longest thus far. Though his Kaiser Dist fon mechs are formidable, they are usually the least bothersome in the game, whereas some of the other God Generals are actually pretty troublesome (Arietta probably one of the most). Then again, I guess Sunrise felt the need to at least show off Van’s power here, which isn’t a bad idea. You rarely get to see him in action, so it’s nice to see Van’s power at work (Anise makes a bit of joke about how the source of Van’s powers is his beard, while his eye brows allow him to see into the future and shoot lazer beams. Natalia actually believes it while Tear is like “Um…okay…”)

    Another difference from the game is that Van is actually arrested because the Royal Family suspected Van to be involved in the kidnapping, but is then released because Luke was all “I’m not gonna be a hero if Master Van is not going!”

  2. @Setsu – It has been a while since I played so the difficulty of each God General is a bit vague in my mind. Definitely know Arietta didn’t get a fair showing in the anime. Hopefully by the end she’ll really get an impressive moment in the series. Does make some sense to show off how much more powerful Van is than everyone else right now. Though Jade did set things up nicely with soaking the mech.

    Looking forward to how the anime handles that reevelation.

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