Takumi continues to search for the truth and has a strange encounter at a concert.


Things are definitely continuing to get interesting. Impressed that Takumi is taking steps to find out what is really going on. Don’t think there is too much with the doctor not remembering if it’s been several years. Doctor has probably seen so many patients that some weird kid would just fade into his memories. Still will likely add to the problems Takumi is feeling if someone he has trust for doesn’t even remember him. Maybe how Rimi would feel if the loss of Takumi’s memories (assuming she really is part of his past) were made even clearer to her.

One thing that gets to you is Takumi’s ability to miss details. He’s going over the photo to find some clues as to the truth. Even managing to clear up the photo enough to spot himself running away from the scene. Yet he completely misses Rimi not being in the photo. If his mind was accurate she should be standing by the corpse as he is running away. Instead he’s still got Rimi pegged as the demon girl and can’t remember anything of her before that murder scene. Guess you can continue debating whether Rimi was there at all and if not what she did to Taku to make him have a delusion about her being there.

Bit strange how Rimi runs into people that are getting connected to Takumi. Before she met Yua in the school and now running into Ayase (Fes) in the library. Do like these kinds of scenes just because it is out of Takumi’s point of view and getting an internal monologue from Rimi. Unless she was pulling as good an act as Yua, I’m finding it hard to place Rimi in these events. Very unlikely a girl terrified of kid stories would be at the murder scene. But because of Yua you really can’t count out anything and have to just make your theories as to what is going on.

More questions coming up with all the transparent weapons we’ve been seeing. Now this has been from Takumi’s point of view so as usual just wonder a bit about it. Have seen these weapons enough in the OP and the first episode to know they are certainly part of it. Just wonder about the connections between these girls and also Takumi’s role in it. The concert was well was pretty strange. Clearly another delusion kicked in for Takumi which got pretty serious for a guy who doesn’t care about 3-D. Still that line came up both in the concert and at the murder scene. “Those eyes, who do they belong to?” Have had a few instances of that and not just when Takumi mentions it. Should be interesting to see how that line plays out throughout the series.

The episode overall was pretty good. The next murder has occurred and still no answer as to what is going on in that city. At the very least we’re going to get some more strange occurrences and Takumi acting bizarre.

3 thoughts on “CHAOS;HEAD – 03”

  1. Too much shit going on and little to no answers.

    I can only hope they can make a good reason why all these murder cases are happening around Takumi.

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