Kannagi – First Impressions

I wasn’t too sure what to think of this series going in. I’m usually not a huge fan of series that involve old spiritual deities and fighting against evil spirits or impurities, but right off the bat this show seemed to distant itself from some of those with the personality of Nagi. She is definitely the high point of this series, as her insane personality and the humor she brings to the show could drive the whole thing, deities and spiritual impurities aside. I’m looking forward to seeing more from her, but one big question about the show still lingers. I’m curious to find out if they will have any kind of real overall plot. With just the intro episodes it’s hard to say, as if there were one it wouldn’t really revel itself. Still, I’m not too sure what they can do without something so simple the impurities getting bigger and stronger.

I don’t have a lot of hope for romance in this series. The fact that the girl isn’t human and is in-fact a god kind of puts a limit on that, and I don’t see the childhood friend as being an important enough focus for them to develop anything there. It’s likely that this will just continue to be rather comical, and maybe eventually reaching a point where they develop a deep relationship, friendship wise where one cares for the other’s safety dealing with these weird things, but no real romance.

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  1. I do think this series has some potential for laughs along the way. Nagi is something with the ability to put up an act in a flash. Not sure exactly where the overall story will be going quite yet. Certainly will deal with some impurities and the issues that come along with living together with someone like Nagi.

    The romance could be interesting though not sure if that’ll be much of a focus. Definitely romance with mortals and something along the divine can’t really go well long term. But the childhood friend has some potential if she stays in most episodes. Need some more episodes to be certain one way or the other.

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