Toradora! – First Impressions

I was quite impressed with this series right off the bat; I have a lot of hope for it. While I just chose to watch the series because it seemed like a typical school/romance/comedy, which I enjoy watching, I really do feel that this series has more potential, and can hopefully become something more. What really caught my attention with this show was that it seemed to be set up differently then a majority of other series in this genre. It isn’t something extremely simple such as girl or guy like each other and they just dance around their feelings until the end of the series where they maybe come out. This series started out stating that the situation what quite different, having the two main characters like completely different people then each other. Although I’m sure this series might end up moving in the direction of the two of them liking each other, the fact it didn’t’ start out that way gives me a lot of hope for interesting development to move away from that, or even to move towards that.

Taiga is a very fun character to watch. The voice is perfect for a character who acts very much exactly like Louise and Shana, yet at the same time being different. They haven’t touched on it a lot but it seems like she could have a very interesting back-story. They didn’t actually make a big deal out of it, but I’d think that her living on her own because she didn’t want to be with her parents anymore is a pretty big deal. I’m not sure that there will be any big interesting story for the guy, but Taiga definitely has some things that will be interesting later on.

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  1. Have some moderate hopes for this one and should be interesting to see where it goes. The lead guy at least is a solid person. Sure he’s not aggressive, but can handle himself. Got taken out by a sucker punch in the first episode, but caught the wooden sword during the assassination attempt. Like Taiga he has his own issues. Frankly a mother who is not there in the head and eyes that make it tough for anyone to get to know him. When people just hand you their wallets its not a pretty picture.

    Kind of like Taiga’s living conditions. The girl probably would have died at some point if Ryuugi didn’t show up to help. Got the place cleaned up and even more important, gave Taiga someone who could understand. While not having her family situation he is definitely misunderstood.

    To be honest I’m almost more interested in Taiga and Ryuugi not getting together. While it could easily go that way I almost like the other option. Have them as reliable friends who grow as people thanks to the other, but also move toward separate love interests. All depends on how they want to go, but just how I feel about it.

    Will see how the series turns out.

  2. Although I haven’t seen the first episode, I did watch the second one and these type of anime usually bore me after a few minutes, but ToraDora is just so funny and both Ryuuji and Taiga are adorable. Taiga has this innocence to her and Ryuuji is kind of like that sensitive cute guy even though he’s not the best-looking lol. I’m definitely following this series!

  3. Being somewhat another anime that originated from novel and manga (well, it did come out earlier than the anime) I can’t help but to compare between those medium. Dont worry, no spoiler here. The anime take things really quick, yup! lightning fast I’d say, where it lose all the nifty things that makes it wonderful. Being confirmed on the 2nd season, I wonder they will slows down the pace?

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