Telepathy Shoujo Ran – 14

Everyone tries to discover the mystery of the Visage Scab before things get more dangerous then they already are.


This episode was alight. It was interesting to see Yuka’s reasoning behind what happened. On one hand it was something bad she did against her sister, however I can easily see why. It must be horrible to hear your parents say they would rather have you die then your sibling. I would be pretty pissed too. Ultimately though, it seems that the problem behind the mystery wasn’t nearly as interesting as everything that lead up to it. It was really interesting, however it all just turned into something about money, and it seemed a tad pointless.

I was a bit disappointed that this episode, these last two episodes, didn’t really have any supernatural problems going on. I don’t know why I keep expecting it from this show, as pretty much everything we’ve seen so far has been normal situations being solved by them using their powers for information. The actual problem, the actual mystery is just something normal. Like in this case it was just someone stealing money, hiding it, and poisoning someone. Yeah sure there was the ghost, and they were saved by her, but she wasn’t behind the bad stuff, non supernatural stuff was. It just seems a waste, as this show has more potential but they aren’t even beginning to touch it.

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  1. Can’t really blame the sister for being angry and wishing the curse on another. Not being the favourite child can be tough on its own. But when you have a crappy father picking who he’d rather keep around if the curse has to hit someone…Besides she felt guilty about it for the rest of her life from that point on, so don’t think its a bad mark on her.

    Midori was good on her guess though. Wasn’t a bodyguard, but the type of career was pretty close. Also shows how good Midori and Rui can do together. They are both sharper than Ran and Rin. With the evidence they figured just about everything out on their own. Of course its not going to be an end pairing, but really wouldn’t mind it myself.

    I honestly expected the supernatural to be a bigger player in this whole affair. Yet it was just the sister calling for help so her family could be protected. Not that its a bad thing, but thought we’d have some bigger force to fight. Its like Scooby Doo with some telepathic abilities given to the cast members. They are using it to figure things out, but they really aren’t going up against the supernatural. Again where is the issue with Rui’s abliities shown in the first episodes?

    It really is kind of a waste the way they are going with the series. There is so much they could be doing, but instead it kind of gets left to the side.

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