Telepathy Shoujo Ran – 13

Ran, Rui, Midori and Rin investigate mysterious happenings surrounding an accident a main has had.


I thought that this was one of the more interesting episodes. It seems to have a pretty big connection to supernatural things going on. Not only do we have this ghost thing causing an accident, leading everyone to the accident victim, then supplying them with information on some weird happenings. Not to mention this weird scab that we’ve seen. They haven’t really had a lot of episodes that really heavily focus on supernatural things, they just use their powers to find out what’s going on, but what’s going on isn’t necessarily supernatural.

I’m curious as to what the scab thing really is. It seems like it might be a curse from the girl in the dungeon, as she basically said curse you everyone, so having others get this scab or curse would be a kind of revenge for her, however at that time she had it to so obviously something other then her grudge started the scab thing. It almost seems like even if she didn’t want revenge and didn’t want to curse everyone, it would continue since she got it, even without doing anything others might get it too.

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