Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka – 02

Minato and Yuuhi start to create a bond between them.


The second episode took some time to develop the characters as Yuuhi moved into the Nagase household. A pretty tough situation overall so not surprised tempers got flared up. Yuuhi being forced to marry out of the custom of her family which is a powerful one is a major source of the discomfort. After being saved by Minato and Jun’s parents in the first episode, Yuuhi’s father decided to marry her off to Jun. The marriage situation had her upset to begin with so she was looking for negatives in Jun before she even met him. After kissing her in the first episode its not a surprise the feelings she has against the guy. Wanting to fight against the custom she’ll be trying hard to keep a negative impression of Jun which will be hard to break.

Some questions about the Nagase family overall though. Minato seemed really bothered by that offhand comment by Yuuhi about Minato and Jun not being siblings. Considering the photo from childhood I’m sure it’s not that, but she was pretty disturbed by it. Maybe it has to do with Jun not living with the family for quite some time. Seems Minato was brought along with the spy parents and living in the jungle while Jun was left elsewhere. Being left by himself for all that time probably lead to the issues surrounding “Geno Killer” and just some of his personality problems overall. Will probably get more details on what happened back then as the series progresses.

A pretty painful episode for Jun-ichi overall I’d have to say. Gets beaten around more after the tough time in episode 1. That cross arm lock didn’t look like the greatest thing to be stuck in. Bit surprised Minato was standing around commenting on the technique rather than helping her brother out…Still even in that bad spot Jun managed to get an enjoyable experience. Plus after the grab he somehow got in the dark its not surprising he got attacked like that. Guess we’ll see if getting beaten up by Yuuhi will be the staple for this series.

A pretty average second episode I thought. It deals with Yuuhi moving in and the problems that would of course come from that. Jun should deal with teasing too much since he does push things a bit. Overall it feels like the series will continue being solid. Though appears to be more going on in the background and that’s something to keep an eye on.

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  1. Ugh, didnt like the second episode that much. The girl can’t refrain herself from pushing buttons? -___- Can’t cook, sleeps in late, what’s to like about this girl? Just cause she comes from a rich family doesnt mean crap to me. I hope the guy can look past her looks and just ditch her.

  2. True enough the girl hasn’t shown off much so far. At least she’s in good shape :). I’m hoping we’ll see some more positive qualities as she gets over her current stance against Jun. Coming from a rich family does however explain things like the cooking ability and sleeping in late. No doubt had people getting her up and going before and it does take time to adjust to new surroundings.

    I’ll wait and see how Yuuhi turns out.

  3. frog212: I like to sleep in late, and it’s not because I’m lazy or rich. People who sleep in late are usually night owls who are more active in the afternoon and at night. People have different body clocks. I know of nice, productive people who have a hard time getting up in the morning. Also, a lot of teenagers don’t know how to cook, whether they’re rich or not, simply because parents usually do the cooking. Minato probably cooks because no one else will do it for her (though if it turns out that Junichi lets Minato do all the cooking, then I probably won’t like him very much; she’s his sister, not his mom, and he should help too because there were only two of them there and Minato is just a teenage student like he is). If Yuuhi won’t lift a finger to help others in the house or refuses to learn how to cook even though she needs to contribute in the kitchen, then I’ll agree with you that she’s not worth the trouble. The pushing buttons thing does sound stupid, though.

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