Macross Frontier – 25 [Final]

Altoh pushes forward to rescue Ranka and stop Grace once and for all.


This episode was fantastic. All throughout the episode there were just so many scenes that just gave me chills, they were that good. Times when Ranka and Sheryl were singing fiercely as things were going on, everything just seemed to come together and the atmosphere of what was going on was great. The plot came to an interesting end. I was really curious to find out how they would conclude this Vajra problem. On the one hand, they attack the humans but Ranka kept vehemently thinking there was another side, that the Vajra weren’t evil. How they would have a final battle and resolution to the conflict, while still keeping in mind the Vajra aren’t evil, was a big issue and I thought they concluded it very well.

As for the ending of this episode and series, I thought it was done very well. Although it turned out to be a very open ended finale in terms of romance, I thought it was handled very well. It’s better then Altoh being forced into a romance one way or another in order to resolve the plot. I thought they ended things with the plot concerning the Vajra and Grace was good, and although as I said I would have preferred for the romance to be more concrete and seeing him really pick one over the other, it was enough to cure Sheryl’s illness, clarify Ranka’s position, and have them both compete for him in a now normal situation.

Final Thoughts:

It’s hard to say anything bad about this series just because I remember how entrancing the show was near the beginning. Now I personally continued to like the series throughout. Yes, plenty of people will have problems, and hell because this is such a popular series there will be more people who bash it just to try and be different, but I don’t care about them. I thought the series was great. I just remember so many moments throughout the series that just made my mouth drop. There was an amazing mix of romance with actual plot, something I don’t’ see a lot of. Throughout the series it wasn’t obvious which girl Altoh might end up with, something that a lot of shows don’t have either. There was just so many things, a mix of romance, plot, and overall excitement that made this series incredible.

I have to mention the romance itself as it really was one of the strongest points this series had, and one of my favorite parts of it. It really was done remarkably. It didn’t really take a backseat to the plot, while at the same time it didn’t get in the way or hinder the plot either. It’s a great example of why I love romance in anime, even if it’s an action show. The romance really seemed to drive some points of the series. It prompted Ranka to become more brave and to get involved in things, it changed Sheryl’s outlook on things and made her realize her own feelings, which prompted her action, plus all of the emotions going around and so forth drove Altoh as well, as he was fighting for them or going though inner struggles because he might have to fight against someone he may have feelings for. It really affected the plot, and without it the story aspect of there show wouldn’t be the same.

One thought on “Macross Frontier – 25 [Final]”

  1. Personally I felt Altoh was declaring a harem ending for the story. Calling both girls his wings is almost saying he won’t be able to choose between them. Would have been nice for something a bit more concrete on the romance side of it. With 25 episodes its not like they were constrained in terms of time to develop it to a one or the other conclusion. But I guess on the positive it saves me another tough series where the one I prefer gets tossed to the curb. Just find it strange that being such an important part of the story overall it doesn’t quite get resolved. Or maybe the result is Altoh loves the sky more than either girl :).

    Still this was a pretty good series overall. Some great moments along the way including good development especially for the main heroines. Both Ranka and Sheryl grew and changed in their own ways. They certainly weren’t the same people that we first met in episode 1. One thing I like to see is good growth for the characters. Altoh may not have grown as much as either girl, but he had his moments. Only thing I’ll remember poorly is the fate of Michael. Wasn’t much reason to kill him other than to get fans upset and kill of one of the better guys in the series. Its clear since they didn’t even think of killing Luca off.

    Still will remember this show in a pretty positive light. Managed to combine music, romance, action, and good characters in a really nice way.

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