Itazura na Kiss – 25 [Final]

Kotoko, Kotomi, and Naoki head to Naoki’s grandfather’s house where he was born and Kotoko recalls the first time they took a trip there.


I was a bit disappointed that this episode wasn’t a giant epilogue. From what we’ve seen so far I really love the scenes with Kotomi in it. She’s cute and the way she interacts with Kotoko and Naoki is great. Still, although I wished for this o be an epilogue, it was a great episode. Even with my initial disappointment that it was showing an event back in time, it was still great.

I thought Naoki’s family I that house was hilarious. It was fun to watch the way they teased Kotoko, then of course the scene where Kotoko gets back at them by telling them all the stuff was great. Plus, just the general setting of Kotoko being at that house and trying to please everyone was great I thought. Very fun to watch, though for the most part the last episode really was the conclusion to this series.

Final Thoughts:

Ultimately, I was surprised with how much I liked this show. I’m a huge fan of romance and hence a fan of shoujo genre shows however after the first couple of episodes of this series I had my doubts about it. I was really put off by Naoki’s attitude, and even though I understood that he’d probably show some signs of changing throughout the series, there was something about him that made me dislike the shot a bit. However as I suspected, they did show some progress with him, much more then I anticipated, and I came to like the show very much. It wasn’t just a simple boy likes girl, girl likes boy, and they dance around the issue for a dozen episodes before saying what’s obvious, it was different and very interesting.

The time span aspect of this show was extremely interesting. Although I wish we could have seen more of what raising Kotomi was like and go even further into the future, the time span they did show was great. Hardly any show follows that long of a time span, the most you ever see in most cases is an epilogue. I love epilogues, as it shows the result of what the whole series was about. The series was about these conflicts and the epilogue shows what the overall result of it is, not just the conflict resolution. However for this instance it was like that cycle continually happened, as if the whole show almost was an epilogue, and it really impressed me.

3 thoughts on “Itazura na Kiss – 25 [Final]”

  1. Would agree with the overall impressions for this series. To be honest I just wanted to toss Naoki out a window pretty soon into the series. But this show did a good job of developing characters over a very long period of time. Making some jumps here or there into the future and continuing through the conflicts that would come with their lives together. Very rare will you see a marraige with this kind of show, but even going to the first child was pretty impressive. Issues about careers, marriage, and changing for the better all came into play. Helped that there were some pretty likable characters, especially Irie’s mother being pretty funny.

    Maybe one problem with this show was the slapping that went on. I mean every few episodes someone would slap someone else to resolve a problem. Probably dating back to when the story was written, but it seemed excessive. Could no one solve some problems without violence? Maybe one example was that married couple Kotoko and Irie met on their honeymoon. All that happens he slaps the women and then suddenly they are fine? Just a small issue that I thought about in this one.

    Overall I’m happy to have followed the series. The author who passed away before this was completed was done good service by finally having her story animated. Felt the ending fit nicely so there shouldn’t be complaints about that. Just a good series.

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