D. Gray-Man – 103 [Final]

Cross arrives to finish off the Level 4 with the help of Allen and Lenalee.


I thought this episode was pretty good. The first half of this episode was pretty much all about finishing off the Level 4, while the second was them recovering from all that has happened. The fight was very fun to watch. Cross really just kicked ass. I loved the part where the Level 4 repelled the bullet; acting like he was so powerful this couldn’t possibly stop him and Cross just smiled and asked if he only saw one shot. He’s definitely one powerful guy if he can almost effortlessly take down the Level 4, when everyone else struggled so much.

I’m a bit disappointed that it is over with this, with so much more of the story still to come. It seems just as things were getting interesting, just as they added this plot of maybe things not being what they seem, they end it. However, it is understandable since they don’t want to have to do filler episodes, and they are kind of caught up with the manga. I’m not sure if they are planning another season when the manga goes further, but especially if they don’t I’m definitely going to read the manga because I desperately want to know what happens. Things like the Earl keeping the order around, the deal with Allen and the 14th, and so much more still has to be answered.

Final Thoughts:

Wow….what a long experience this has been. This has been the longest series I’ve blogged, and the longest series I’ve ever watched with only seeing one episode per week, and not seeing hundreds throughout a week. It has certainly been a very interesting experience. It’s hard to think that it’s over now. Looking back I remember the first episode about some kid with a gigantic hand fighting huge balloons lead by a fat clown. It certainly turned out different then I thought, way better then I thought. Everything has come a long way. Allen has changed from having a simple giant hand to having a powerful claw, a giant sword that cuts only certain things, and the ability to move almost anywhere with his cloak and mask, plus the ability to play a piano and move a gigantic enemy weapon for his own use. Not to mention the general shifting to a much darker setting and introduction of actual plot instead of just kill this random Akuma for the week. It was way more then I ever expected.

There’s not much else to say about the show. Although I enjoyed it very much, it’s still pretty much just a typical shounen series. There wasn’t much unique about it. For the most part the show kept to a pretty typical shounen pattern. Enemy gets strong, an exorcist gets stronger, then the enemy gets stronger and an exorcist becomes stronger, and so on, a continuous cycle of one side whooping the other side’s ass, then some change and the balance shifts. Still, as long as you don’t expect it to be much else then a shounen show, it was pretty good.

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  1. Was a great last episode. Cross is one heck of a person. He finished off the level 4 (by accident) and really got upset because his clothing was damaged slightly. The level 4 was put in his place thats for sure. The final moments were great as well. Giving a window as to where the series is going and some nice new uniforms. Glad to have Krory back up on his feet. Overall it was a solid episode in the series. Since it stuck fairly well to the manga it didn’t really conclude so much as to say goodbye for now. It is too bad we have caught right up with the manga since the story has gotten pretty interesting with questions about the Earl’s motives. Oh well, it still has been a nice series to watch.

    Really is something to think about this series being over. Watching this show for 2 years and now its no longer going to come out. Strange feeling I had yesterday without thinking, just looking for the RAW. But just have to accept that its over and decide whether to chase the manga or not. Really enjoyed the anime so giving that up and having a sequel pop up later might feel strange.

    Share the feelings when I first started watching the series. It was “some kid with a gigantic hand fighting huge balloons lead by a fat clown.” Of course it became a lot more than that for me. A show I was uncertain about became the staple of my week. Some great characters turned up that kept me interested most of the time. Certainly it kept within the boundaries made by the genre, but it did a good job creating a great show within them. Allen certainly grew as a person dealing with the reasons he was living and splitting his life for the akuma and his friends. Kanda and Lenalee especially showed great strengths in their own ways. Leaving off there is quite a good chance for other equipment users to upgrade their innocence to crystal types. The war is far from over and no doubt there are great adventures left in the future.

    I think a big turning point for the series was the Suman arc. It really opened up an interesting view on what people will do in their darkest hour. Allen put himself beyond the limit to save and for the sake of seeing his child again Suman gave into the Noah. After that the show just kept on building and moving and I really never stopped thinking about where we were going until the very end. Battles had good animation and there were some great struggles like Lenalee vs Level 3.

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