My VERY Late Fall Picks

Well I’m VERY late in posting this information, but better late then never. This is the first season since gettinga new writer so I’ll mention what series each of us will be handling. As with any season, there is always the possibility that one of us will pick up a new one, espeically if anyone comments saying we have to.

Full Posts:

Xebek series:

Clannad ~After Story~
I don’t even feel a need to explain this at all. I absolutely loved Kanon, and the first season of Clannad. I almost had a heart attack when I heard After Story was getting animated, so it’s pretty much guaranteed I’ll come into this loving it.

Rosario + Vampire ~Chu~
While the first season of this show may not have been the most outstanding show, full of ecchi and considered by many to be useless fluff I still found it extremely fun to watch. Seeing as I watched and enjoyed the previous season, not to mention blogged it, I want to give this one a shot.

Ef – a tale of memories ~Second Season~
I fell in love with ef. It is officially my all time favorite anime. When I found out about it getting another series I thought I was dreaming. I thought the animation was beautiful, I thought the characters were interesting, and the overall show just amazing. I expect to love this one just as much.

Eh, why not. I always find it fun to get some comedy shows. This one seems promising, following some of the trend that shows like Minami-ke put out. Plus, Hirano Aya….I mean….come on! Aside from that, there’s not much else. I don’t expect this to be something epic, but I expect it to be fun.

FlareKnight series:

Tales of the Abyss
This is a series I was looking forward to when I heard the announcement for it. After playing the game some months back it seemed like a great chance to see the story through a different medium. One of the major reasons for picking this was knowing that no matter what else happens it would be a good story with good characters. Even though I know what is likely to come will still be happy to give this my full attention. Am interested in how they do with the fight scenes while still doing service to the character interactions.

Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka
Since I do like to see some romance in the anime I cover this felt like a good choice. The character designs looked nice and some interesting voices will be coming into play. Based on the game should have good conclusion for at least one pair. Appears there will be some laughs along the way as well. Sometimes you’ll get a quality series with some romance and sometimes it will be not that great. From some trailers and research done, I think this will fall into the first category. Long as the story can give these characters somewhere to develop I’m going to be fine with it. Think this will turn out as a solid series.

Continuing with taking a variety of series comes CHAOS;HEAD. Now horror isn’t a genre that I’m always delving into. But have followed some series like Higurashi that had some scary moments. The plot sounds pretty interesting and should lead to some great moments along the way. From what I saw there should be some cute character designs which can actually make things scarier. Looking forward to seeing what kind of interactions the lead ends up having with other characters along the way.

Quick Posts:

Xebek series:

Well, I figure why not. It looks like it may be fun, and I don’t only watch series that will be something epic. I expect this to be attacked by many, but all I care about is that it be fun to watch.

First off, the series has Rie Kugimiya in it, that itself is a pretty big selling point, if not a big enough one to make all the difference. It seems to contain a tsundere and romance aspects. All of those aspects make this very interesting to me.

FlareKnight series:

Gundam 00 Second Season
After following the first season I will of course be watching this one. While I wasn’t too involved at the start it did begin picking up and by the end was very into the series. This won’t be a series that I’m covering episode by episode, but will certainly come in every few weeks to discuss how things are evolving. Do like certain mecha series so wanted to at least give this one some coverage.

To Aru Majutsu
This is another show I will be posting on, but not as heavily as the first 3 series. What drew me to this one was the plot and that it sounded pretty interesting. A world where science and the supernatural exist together should lead to some good adventures. I’m also looking forward to the interactions with the two main characters. The roles they play in that world appear to be pretty unique. So a good mix of adventure and character interaction should yield a fun series.

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