Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka – 01

Making assumptions causes Jun-ichi to experience great pain in this first episode.


Well the fall season is on and I’m starting off with a solid episode. Get introduced to our lead Jun who is a pretty good guy. The lead male for a series can either be a headache or a solid individual. Jun definitely falls into the second category. It was revealed pretty early on that he has had some trouble in the past which has led to his “Geno Killer” nickname. Helps to save Yuuhi early on from some delinquents, but makes a bad assumption and ends up in pain at the end. The important lesson for him is to not assume a girl wants you to kiss them. Sadly for Jun he learns that Yuuhi isn’t as innocent a person you might assume from first impressions.

The cast overall has some good personalities which promises some interesting times ahead. Yuuhi really had me surprised even though she was being voiced by Kugimiya Rie. Personally wouldn’t hold it against her even though she beat Jun up pretty badly. The interesting twist (if you didn’t read the summary) is after all that she shows up at his house and declares she is his fiancée. Now clearly we’re going to get some answers as to why that is in the next episode. Was some action at the beginning with who appeared from the preview to be Yuuhi’s father. But anyways the stage is set for an interesting time since Jun has made a pretty bad impression with that kiss.

Overall I enjoyed this first episode since it set things up fairly well. Some small laughs along the way which is nice for this kind of show. Jun’s friends will no doubt be the source for some tough times for the guy. It would be bad if I forgot to mention his sister who had a teenage Nanoha kind of look to her. Certainly knows her brother well and looking forward to seeing how she deals with having Yuuhi move in with them.

Think this will be a good series to follow this season. It wasn’t the most amazing first episode that I’ve ever seen, but it got me interested. Glad I decided to choose this one as a series to blog.

2 thoughts on “Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka – 01”

  1. Yah, the beginning was really nice, not to mention some puns made about the “Genokiller” (on Jun’ichi’s dream when he transformed into something similar to Demon Lord Dante), and that kiss… Seriously, would you kiss someone from just that kind of situation? Also, that combo of a nutcracker headbutt (plus the “Go and Die” situation) surely blew Jun’ichi away to kingdom come. Hah! The next episode will surely be interesting! I can’t wait…

  2. Clearly the legend of “Genokiller” has invaded even Jun’ichi’s dreams. Though if you sit down playing on a pink xbox360 who knows what kind of messed up dreams your going to end up with. Even though I knew he was going to go for the kiss I couldn’t believe him. Really jumping to conclusions cost him big there. Lucky for him the attack was at school and it was unlikely she would end his life surrounded by witnesses.

    I’m looking forward to what happens in the next one. Having her move in right after that disaster at school should make things pretty interesting.

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