Nogizaka Haruka – 12 [Final]

Yuuto tries to overcome his doubts on whether or not he’s good enough to be with Haruka.


I loved this episode. I thought it was a great end to this series. They ended up handling the issue of Yuuto not thinking he was good enough VERY well. I was afraid it would seem too cheesy or emo, but I really think it turned out rather nicely. The pompous guy got what was coming to him and as I anticipated Haruka liked Yuuto’s present most of all. Still, his doubts, even though I knew it would turn out good, were handled well. I was also dead on with the old guy’s identity, and I’m glad he had some part in this episode.

I’m a bit confused, and curious, as to how this episode ended. They went from Yuuto learning that he gave the book to Haruka, them falling down and then it almost seemed like there was a dream sequence, where one of the was imagining things going like that, but then it was interrupted and continued like it was normal, so the scene may have actually happened, but there was still al little gap as they suddenly changed to that scene. Whether or not Yuuto informed Haruka of the book situation or not is unknown. I do think that if all of what we saw happened, that they did indeed kiss because when they were running away Yuuto kind of seemed to feel his lips, like he actually did kiss her. If that’s so, I’m very pleased with how things ended as I wanted the romance in this series to actually reach some point like that, and it did.

Final Thoughts:

From the beginning I could tell this series was going to be a great show to watch. I love romance in a series, and pairing that with a cute girl who likes anime is a winning combination. I really was very impressed with the amount of romance they had, even though it wasn’t as much as a shoujo show would have, it’s more then I thought the series would have. I loved the innocent way Haruka acted, yet she was always very kind and sincere. Plus, even though the series for the most part had a rather carefree focus, at the end things got really interesting and I desperately wanted to know how things turned out, I thought it was great.

I was a bit surprised at how little role Shiina played in the series. It seems that her kind of character would fit perfectly in a bigger role. Someone in her position could easily actually confess to Yuuto and make him really analyze his feelings for her and Haruka, or Shiina could confront Haruka about what Haruka’s feelings are, saying that she likes him and so on. However all she really did was cause for Haruka to think of the possibility of someone else being with Yuuto. While that’s something, it wasn’t anywhere near as much as it could have been, and if it was something like that it would have added a lot of depth to the show.

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