Strike Witches – Final Impressions

I’m surprised with how much I ended up liking this series. Going into it, it seemed very similar to Sky Girls which I wasn’t a giant fan of mainly because it took them forever to do nothing. Still, I gave this a shot and found it to be much more interesting then I thought. It wasn’t just destroying this weird enemy, there was some plot behind it all dealing with higher ups hiding things, corruption, and things not being what they should be. Plus…….the pantsu…

The characters in this series were definitely the strong suit. Not only did they have a lot of very different and fun characters, but they actually had interesting back-stories that they then explored. They didn’t just randomly throw together these characters; they took time to give them faults, histories, and personalities which I always found fun to watch.

One thought on “Strike Witches – Final Impressions”

  1. Agree this was a lot more enjoyable than I might have expected. Unlike Sky Girls they got to the point a whole lot faster and didn’t waste as much time. Spent episodes developing the characters (favourite was the Sanya episode) and the overall situation at the same time. While didn’t like the cliche of the evil military being at fault to some degree it was still a good finish to the series. Really put out a wonderful battle that displayed everyone’s strengths.

    Characters were definitely the strong suit here. While there were some I didn’t like all that much (Yoshika) it didn’t take away from liking almost the entirety of the cast. Even leaving open room for a sequel with that letter and the fact that the war overall isn’t nearly finished yet.

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