Sekirei – Final Impressions

Although this series could easily be described as just an ecchi show with no real point, as indeed the ecchiness is rather large, I still found this to be one of my favorite shows of this season. Not really in a big quality way, as it wasn’t something grand and unique with a lot of thought to it, but the basic premise I found was very interesting. I thought the struggle that they went though with having to be in this battle royale, seeing all the different characters at play, and how they all interacted was great. I only wish it was longer so we know what the end result everything is, not to mention learning more about some of the very confusing things that recently transpired.

While I did like the plot, even if it wasn’t that complicated, there was a lack of romance that I was a little disappointed in. Although Musubi seemed to want to be with Minato, because she was oblivious to normal relationships not much ever transpired. Unlike some of the other characters that understood sexual tension and so on. Perhaps something may happen in what we have yet to see, but it seems a bit of a shame that there won’t be a very big focus, when it has such potential.

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  1. Well the manga was certainly slightly more in-depth and they deviated a little from the manga…ok make that a lot, at the end. Still, I wonder how they will pick it up in the second season and get back on track. Otherwise I think the ecchi-ness was just not there.

  2. A mixed bad with this series. Was the one that got me some C&D email that made me have to seek other options in terms of downloading series. But that wasn’t really a problem with the plot itself. Good characters with the interesting plot overall made this. Kuu-chan was just insanely cute and the others had some really nice points to them. Think Seo is probably one of the better characters in this and considering a harem type situation doesn’t always have a cool guy to contrast with the lead.

    The overall situation was the most interesting to me. How all of this got started and the tragic circumstances for many people. Having to fight or risk losing someone that has grown important to them.

    Guess we’ll have to wait and see for the future. There is still a lot of questions to be answered and also a battle royal to conclude.

  3. I thought it was a great series, kept me interested since episode 1 (I just finished watching it).


    There are a lot of questions unanswered… Why is the Minato known by some of the single numbers (Example #03, and she also says Minato looks like someone, who?) before even meeting him? Why did one of the game masters sekirei have his picture (It was in the episode or the episode after Kuu gets winged)? Will Kagair, aka “the Sekirei Guardian”, ever get a master (didn’t see that one coming at the end of ep12…he’s a she)? will #03 Kazehana choose Minato as her master also?

    Guess we’ll have to wait till July – September ’09 for season 2…or read the manga


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