Koihime + Musou – Final Impressions

I thought overall this series was very good. It wasn’t anything outstanding, but it was interesting enough where I looked forward to future episodes. The characters were interesting; they all had some good personality and really acted well together. That was definitely the series’ strong point, how well it handled some of the characters.

However, the biggest thing that really hurt this show was that there wasn’t much of a point to it. There wasn’t ever really any overall plot. It was just someone wondering aimlessly, meeting people and fighting bad guys. Even the potential for plot with the history of some of the characters wasn’t explored too fully. The series was good, but just didn’t have much of a goal that drove any of the episodes or characters.

2 thoughts on “Koihime + Musou – Final Impressions”

  1. Yeah the lack of a plot was lulz. But it mainly tied to the history of the Three Kingdoms period, hence the consistent lack of a plot. The girls were pretty nice, especially Kanu and Choun.

  2. Well was a harem series where they eliminated the lead guy before it started. Though just means they shifted the focus more to yuri and put Kanu at the center of it all.

    Did feel pretty random just going around and dealing with whatever came at them. Were some pretty likable characters like Sei who made it worth watching. Some kind of point to it all would have been nice, but think they were having too much fun with the various situations to really lay something concrete down.

    It was a fairly solid series.

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