Macross Frontier – 24

The Frontier begins its all out attack on the Vajra home planet.


This episode was pretty good, although ultimately not as good as I thought it was going to be for a second to last episode. It had a lot of action in it, but asides from that not much until the very end. It just showed them fighting, and showed Grace and the new president guy being all evil like, which we’ve seen plenty of times before. I did find it interesting though, the quick encounter Altoh and Sheryl had before Altoh headed off. It really seems to be tipping in Sheryl’s favor; however Ranka still has a pretty big shot. I’m surprised at how the series has pulled that off, that even in the second to last episode it’s not blatantly obvious who he’s going to go with.

I think the biggest thing the final episode is going to have to deal with is Ranka’s siding with the Vajra. Even though right now she’s kind of in a trance, she still believed before that that the Vajra weren’t an evil species. Seeing as how she has some connection to them, her views on how things should go could be very different from even Altoh’s still, and may run into problems there. I’m sure Altoh is a live, as it would be a horrible way for the series to end, not to mention very hard for them to do anything in the final conclusion with him gone.

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