D. Gray-Man – 102

Lenalee fights against the Level 4 with her newly acquired innocence.


Wow… This episode was absolutely incredible Lenalee kicked total ass. Hell, even before that it was awesome, Allen using the Crown Clown to move his body that was so damaged it couldn’t move on its own, Kanda and Lavi helping hold the sword against the attack, all were very cool. However of course Lenalee was awesome once she got her innocence back. She kicked ass, and it looks like she can still go more. She hasn’t even used any really special abilities from their boots, just using them for the mobility now. I loved when the Akuma was firing blasts up at her and she was just jumping off the blasts of energy. Although in the end it seems they haven’t defeated it, as the preview for next episode has them fighting it again. However it was still very cool.

It is a bit of a shame that they’ll be ending the series after the next episode, at least temporarily. However it makes sense that they would do so, as they’ve pretty much caught up to the manga, or gotten close to and if they were to keep going they would easily run out of material and there would be horrible filler episodes that no one wants to see. In the end, it’s for the best but I just hope they come back, as they are just getting to some of the more serious and interesting parts of the plot.

3 thoughts on “D. Gray-Man – 102”

  1. Indeed the series was ended not only because of fillers, but low ratings on the network it was broadcast..it really shows in the conclusion of the series next episode, look out for it

  2. Really was a great episode I thought. Just so much happening and the action was great to follow. Thought Allen might come back into it, but not like that. Clown Crown moving his body was crazy and a little creepy. Since of course the movements were a little messy. Great job to come back when things were looking bad. Kanda and Lavi also doing what they could to help out. Go triple team up on the akuma.

    Lenalee as well knows how to make a great entrance. Just landing on the level 4’s arm and moving well during the fight. She’s still got it that’s for sure. Been a long time since Lenalee and Allen have teamed up against someone. With her being out of commission for quite a while. Though the fight doesn’t seem quite over yet from the preview. That was a pretty nice finish with forcing Allen’s sword right through the Level 4.

    It really is too bad the series is about to finish up. Its been such a great ride. Crazy to think I’ve been following this for a couple years now. It really picked up around the Suman part and just kept on going full tilt until now. Even though it means almost catching up with the manga I’m glad they went this route. Saw that fillers early on wasn’t the answer and so stayed with the material and made it fun to watch. After the next one it will just be time to wait and see. Hopefully the DVDs are well supported and they come back one day with a continuation.

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